Want to know what we’ll be using on the build, and where to get it for your own awesome project?  Stay tuned as we add more products to the build list!


Component Supplier Part Number Get It Here
Suspension   Complete StreetGRIP Suspension  11345010  LINK

 Front: Pro+ 14″

Rear: SS4+ 13″


 4301388s, 6801238LP, 4262260s





18×8.5, 18×9.5

ML3C Titanium Centers with Polished Lip



Air Conditioning  

Gen IV SureFit Air Conditioning

Front Runner System

 754170, 49767-LCE, 521171, 021567, 110061, 174008, 852000, 852008, 706001-VCQ, 23102-VUW, 11190-VUS, 11205-VUR, 24675-VUT, 35522-VUG, 35523-VUG, 31800-VUD, 31606-VUA, NONSTK, 331009, 04670-MTQ, 045002



Rearend    5-Lug 2WD Crate Rearend  CE-GMC6370X5  LINK
Wiring    Complete Wiring Kit – 1967-68 Chevy Truck  510333  LINK
Gauges    Speedometer, Tachometer, Clock, and Fuel, Oil, Temp, & Volt Gauges & More CT67AXG LINK
Radiator    Aluminum Radiator w/Oil Cooler, Wiring Adapters  10-00601, 30-10501, 30-10500  LINK
EFI    Go Street Efi – 400 HP System  30003  LINK
Gas Tank    Fuel Tank  TANK-B  LINK
Hood Hinges   Billet Hood Hinges 28672-1172  LINK
Vinyl Wrap    Avery-Dennison material, Approximately 4-6 hour install  LINK
Tires    G-Force Sport Comp II 255/40ZR18, 275/40ZR18  LINK
Pedals & Throttle Cable    Billet Pedal Assembly, Throttle Cables & Brackets  BAG-6164, BAG6165, TC-1000HT, KD-2400HT, BCA-9509, EC-81FU, TCB-4150, XEHB-7000F, 70-EHBF  LINK

Head Unit: KMC10 Media Center

Subwoofer: Hideaway HS8

Speakers: KS Series







Battery    Battery, Charger, Maintainer  D34/78, Digital 1200, Digital 400  LINK
Wiper Motor

Battery Mount

   Selecta Speed Wiper Kit

OPTIMA Battery Mount





 Miscellaneous   Valve Covers and Breathers, Air Cleaner, Door Panels/Arm Rest, Carpet Kit, Floor Mats, Seat Belts, Steering Wheel, Mirrors, Overflow Tank, Grommet Kit, Misc Exterior Trim Items, Windshield Washer System, Power Steering Hoses, Neutral Safety Switch, Misc Engine Accessories and Dress Up Items, Misc Small Wiring items, Misc Small Brake and E-Brake Parts, Misc Lighting Accessories, Misc Hoses and Clamps, Misc Hardware, Misc Rubber Bumpers, Misc Dash Dress Up and Hardware

The following quality parts were donated by United Pacific Industries, and are available through SO-CAL Speed Shop AZ:

Headlight bulbs, LED Park Light & Back-Up Light Bulbs, LED side marker lights front & rear, LED “no load” flasher, Chrome inside door handles and window cranks, Stainless wiper arms and blades, Stainless exterior mirror heads

 PAC-C476901, 190671, 110306, LH7010, PAC-32191, COU-67-17741-LS, COU-67-17742, RPC-S6001, AAB-FB0SBC-P, RPC-S9257, COU-55-43001-L, 54-43000-R, RPC-S6008, TUF-7610A, SC9-SB-3P-HK, PAC-C677602, PAC-C677601, COU-69-13447-C, 68-17514, LOC-CL955, 64-46440, COU-67-48140-BK, RPC-S4998X, TRM53006-501, W67-00101, COU-67-3625-CGKIT, 67-56665-BK, SEA-2PTCLL-1000, RPC-S6073X, B-6772CT


The following quality parts were donated by United Pacific Industries, and are available through SO-CAL Speed Shop AZ:

PAC-32191, PAC-36931, PAC-36932, PAC-CML6872A, PAC-CML6872R, PAC-90652, PAC-C677601, PAC-C677602, PAC-110306, PAC-190671, PAC-C476902

Sound Deadening    Sound Deadening Material  10500BLACK  LINK
Fluids    Brake Fluid, Coolant, ATF, Power Steering Fluid, Windshield Washer Fluid  Varies w/options LINK
Ignition    GM HEI Distributor, Super Conductor Plug Wires 8365, 31229  LINK
Kick Panels    Retro Manufacturing  KP-C59-6772  LINK