Bang’n Gears

There is something about the classic H pattern shift that is just too right in a 67 Camaro, and for this build we are going with one of the all time greats, the venerable Muncie 4 speed. The Muncie has a long list of positive features:
  • great feel
  • durability
  • availability
  • lots of options
  • simple installation (no need to modify the tunnel)
  • cool factor
  • "reliability" - who hasn't owned one?
  There is one snag... with the 1:1 top gear, and the rear end ratio we'll want to have... it will make highway cruising something like riding in a WWII bomber with all the guns blazzin... The remedy, a Gear Vendors overdrive of course. Equally bullet proof, and well proven the Gear vendors unit will effectively provide EIGHT forward gears if needed including that all important overdrive to keep the LS engine in the less brain-numbing RPM range. Stay tuned - we'll get into more detail about how these two components will be a perfect match for the 48 Hour Camaro's purpose.