Ride Control – Adjustable Shocks

While the stock suspension of a 67 Camaro may have provided the means to out maneuver many of the cars on the road four decades ago, they would struggle to hold corners with the average soccer-mom's mini-van today. That just won't do for the action this car is going to see. The 48 Hour Camaro will be getting a complete suspension "lobotomy". With nearly every component between the chassis and the wheels being replaced with modern performance components from RideTech. Stay tuned for all the details about the components and how they work together to create a smarter ride for the 48 Hour Camaro.

Going Stainless – Rick’s Tanks

To assemble a rock solid fuel system it all starts at the tank. The 48 Hour Camaro will be equipped with a Rick's stainless steel gas tank. Rick's tanks and parts are fabricated in house at Rick's to ensure only the highest quality for a long lasting, trouble free product. Each tank is hand formed from 304 grade Stainless Steel and TIG welded to last a lifetime. All tanks feature a unique baffle system to control fuel tank slosh. Very important when carving through the tight turns at the autocross.

Big Horsepower Big Cooling – US Radiator

Everybody knows horsepower equals heat. The trick is getting rid of the heat to keep performance at the max. U.S. Radiator builds an aluminum radiator that will do just that. Their Desert Cooler aluminum radiator line is built keeping original appearance and mounting in mind. This will be a great benefit to the 48 Hour build as it will be one less worry when it comes time to bolt the radiator to the stock core support. Stay tuned and we will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to purchase as well as install.