Back in Jasper

48 Hour Camaro Returns from Nashville The GoodGuys 2011 Nashville event was a blast. As you probably saw, the 48 Hour Camaro drove down to the show on Thursday after the car was finished the night before. When we arrived in Nashville the Camaro had no time to rest as Britt Marolf, a build team member and RideTech employee, took the car onto the autocross. Britt thrashed on the 48 Hour Camaro all weekend long and ended up 2nd in the vendor class and 4th overall. Not bad considering the car didn't even exist a few days earlier! So now the car is back home in the garage at RideTech and while there are some minor changes planned (cup holders for frozen lemonades and floor mats for dirty feet), we have no major complaints. The 48 Hour Camaro was an fun and insightful project for everyone involved. We want to thank all the viewers who watched the project and left us feedback on our Facebook. And we also want to thank all of the vendors for their support. This won't be the last you'll see of the car, look out for this car all year round, at events we're attending, as we dial this car to perfection.

Running Strong at Nashville

When the 48 Hour Camaro started making laps it was obvious that all the parts and folks involved in the build had years of experience tuning a first gen Camaro for autocross duty. The first lap right out of the gate was fast, and as Britt started fine tuning the triple adjustable RideTech Coil-Overs, adjusting the air pressure in the BFG tires, this really started coming on strong. At the end of the day on Saturday Britt had managed to place the 48 Hour Camaro into the top of the running order. The Camaro has made every lap possible, with no issues what-so-ever. It is perfectly happy to be thrashed, and then take a nice drive to the Hotel parking lot and pose for admiring fans. Look for more videos in the coming days and weeks: This is a video Jason from RideTech shot of the very first lap for the Camaro:

Nashville Goodguys- and more coverage

The Camaro has arrived, actually several hours ago - but we were hanging out in the parking lot with folks enjoying some pizza, cars and beverages, so this update is almost out of date... sorry for the delays. We had a stop over at Holley in Bowling Green, KY on the way down, and were treated to a quick tour of the shop - it is WAY COOL to see all the carbs being built right there in the heartland... and it makes having the Holley products on the Camaro even more satisfying. The car performed flawlessly the entire trip, and everyone who has been lucky enough to ride or drive the car has been impressed to say the least. The next few days will be action packed - and it starts off tomorrow morning at 7:00AM at the Goodguys Nashville Nationals. The 48 Hour Camaro will be featured on a local AM TV show - the interview is tentatively planned to take place at the autocross course and it seems hard to imagine that the news crew won't want to see the car run through the cones... so stay tuned - we'll try our best to get some pictures (and maybe some raw video) up. In the mean time, here are a few photos of the Camaro on the first drive: