Ordering the Baer Brakes

One of the major areas where any 1967 vehicle will need improvement is in the braking department. The 48 Hour Camaro is no exception... in fact it might be the poster child example for the too much go and not enough whoa. With "tiny" drum brakes on all 4 wheels bringing this car to a stop can a challenge under "normal" driving and this car is destine to see a significant share of what most civilians would describe as "abnormal driving". So clearly something has to be done. Thanks to Baer Brakes, after the 48 Hour clock ticks off, the Camaro will be riding on some serious state of the art stopping power. When we contacted Baer, we were found out we weren't quite ready yet to get the stuff on a brown truck heading to Jasper. Todd Gartshore was certainly enthusiastic about the project, and can't wait to get send us what we need, but he hit us with a series of questions that we don't have all the answers too just yet. We're pretty certain we aren't the first customer to jump the gun and call Baer Brakes with some holes in the equation. So here are the seven points we'll be answering in the near future so we can get the good on the way from Baer.
  1. What front spindle and hub will be used?
  2. Once the spindle is identified, I can provide wheel fit templates to the wheel company you will be working with. Do you know who that company is at present?
  3. Who will be supplying the rear end? We would like to ship the rear brake system and the TRACKER(r) Full Floater conversion to the rear end supplier if they are willing to cooperate so the fabrication of installing the spindle ends can be done under their care. If you would like to have me contact the person who we will be working with directly and introduce myself, send them details on the process etc., that may prove a good way to get this aspect under control.
  4. If the engine planned will make enough vacuum at idle (18+ inches hg idle in gear for automatic trans) then we can work it out with you on who's master cyclinder (several are available) will be the best fit.
  5. If the vacuum will be lower, the choices are to run manual brakes or install a hydra boost system.
  6. If none of the above is desirable, will you be considering running a tandem master cylinder?
  7. What color or caliper finish is desired.
Stay tuned, follow along, as we get our answers sorted out and get the 48 Hour Camaro brakes on the way.