Update – Transmission, Brakes, Wiring and More

We began the pre-assembly of the Auto Gear 4-speed and Gear Vendors overdrive unit. Topped off with an American PowerTrain clutch, flywheel, pressure plate and hydro unit. The massive Baer brake front set up is going on now. 6-piston calipers!! American Auto wire kit is alo now getting installed.
Nice Baer 6-piston brakes Baer hubs literally
More engine shots Transmission fitting
Wiring and Dynomat fun Vintage Air
Gear Vendors OD, Auto Gear 4-speed, Awesome!

Going Stainless – Rick’s Tanks

To assemble a rock solid fuel system it all starts at the tank. The 48 Hour Camaro will be equipped with a Rick's stainless steel gas tank. Rick's tanks and parts are fabricated in house at Rick's to ensure only the highest quality for a long lasting, trouble free product. Each tank is hand formed from 304 grade Stainless Steel and TIG welded to last a lifetime. All tanks feature a unique baffle system to control fuel tank slosh. Very important when carving through the tight turns at the autocross.