Update – Transmission, Brakes, Wiring and More

We began the pre-assembly of the Auto Gear 4-speed and Gear Vendors overdrive unit. Topped off with an American PowerTrain clutch, flywheel, pressure plate and hydro unit. The massive Baer brake front set up is going on now. 6-piston calipers!! American Auto wire kit is alo now getting installed.
Nice Baer 6-piston brakes Baer hubs literally
More engine shots Transmission fitting
Wiring and Dynomat fun Vintage Air
Gear Vendors OD, Auto Gear 4-speed, Awesome!

1967-69 Camaro Door Sill Plates

You don't often think about those little plates in the door jamb, but these little guys can really make a difference in the way your car looks every time you open the door. These sill plates install on the floor section of the door jamb, protecting the door sill from scuffing and impacts when entering or exiting the car. Designed and manufactured with originality in mind, these door sill plates for 1967-69 Camaro models feature the correct finish and all original contours and even come with the proper "Fisher Body" emblem riveted onto the sill plate. These sill plates are sold individually and come complete with mounting screws.

1967 Camaro Dash Pads

The interior is one place you really don't want to overlook when it comes to any car build, and the dash is the one place your eyes will be focused on all the time. The importance of a good looking dashpad is often taken for granted until there's something wrong with it. To get the cabin of the 48-hour Camaro looking good, we sent over one of our reproduction dash pads. This reproduction padded dash will install easily in your 1967 Camaro by removing the screws from under the dash, pulling the original dash out, lining up the new reproduction dash pad and tightening the screws back into place. The dash pad also features the correct grain vinyl and is manufactured in correct OEM color materials, offering an original appearance. These dash pads are not painted or reupholstered like other inferior reproductions being offered by other alleged restorers.

Bring new life to your interior by replacing your cracked, nasty dash pad with this new reproduction.

Cool Times – Vintage Air

The 48 Hour Camaro will be used way to much to not have a great AC system. If you've thought about upgrading your "HOT" rod, you'll want to watch just how simple it is to provide great modern air in your classic ride. We'll show you all the steps to make sure you get your ride as cool as the 48 Hour Camaro will be with our Vintage Air Install.

A turn for the better – Ididit Steering Column

A great driving experience has to start somewhere. In the case of the 48 Hour Camaro, it will start with the drivers hands on the wheel, and that wheel connected to an Ididit Column. With everything else that will be done to the car in a 48 Hour Time we're still going to be able to upgrade this important item and prove it doesn't need to be a scary thing for anyone to ditch that old sloppy fixed position out dated steering column. Check back, we'll be going step-by-step through the purchase process as well as install.