Product Detail Video – Vintage Air A/C System

The 1967 Camaro used for the 48 Hour Build wasn’t equipped from the factory with AC. That didn’t stop us from getting the best air conditioning system available! The Vintage Air Gen 4 system made the install of the condenser, evaporator and all the other components a breeze. Rick Love shows the details in this video.

48 Hour Camaro Tech Sheet

The 48 Hour Camaro tech sheet: Driver: Bret Voelkel - Age 49 350 S. St. Charles Street Jasper, In. 47546 Owner, RideTech [Air Ride Technologies, Inc.] Wife, Sharon – Children Andy, 12 – Sara – 8 Previous and other current cars – • Velocity – 68 Camaro – sold at Barrett in Jan 2011 for $155,000- ran the Optima Challenge in 2008 and 2009 • 66 Chevelle Pro Tour track car – ran the Optima Challenge in 2009 and 2010 • 69 Mustang Pro Tour track car • 70 GTO convertible – [Sharon’s car] • 2007 Z06 Corvette • 70 GSX 455 – 6 speed – EFI • 70 Chevelle Goodguys giveaway car • 70 Nova Goodguys giveaway car • 69 Boss 429 Mustang [yeah, a real one] • 68 Pontiac Bonneville   48 Hour Camaro 1967 Camaro The 48 Hour Camaro concept was originated with the purchase of a locally owned, nicely restored 67 Camaro at a local car show in the summer of 2010. After 10 months of intense planning and preparation, the actual build of the car took place over three 16 hour days starting on May 16th at the RideTech facility in Jasper Indiana. The idea was to demonstrate how efficient it could be to take the plethora of model specific components made today and create a high end Pro Touring style car. To further demonstrate the effectiveness of this concept, the successfully finished car was then driven to the Nashville Goodguys show [about 200 miles] and then raced all weekend at the Goodguys autocross where it placed 2nd in the vendor class. It was then driven back home to Jasper without incident. The reason we started with a nicely restored car was that we did not want to engage in the lengthy process of body and paintwork...that portion of any build could be anywhere from several weeks to several months alone. By starting with a restored car we could begin bolting on new components right away.  

The Parts List

  • Engine – LS3 engine package from Lingenfelter Performance Engineering [LPE] that made 602 hp on their engine dyno. This package uses a Holley Avenger EFI ECU, and a Comp Cam valvetrain built to LPE specs. It also uses Hooker Headers, a Holley cast aluminum LS conversion oil pan and engine mounts, and a Vintage Air Frontrunner accessory drive system. We also used an oil cooler supplied by Earls to keep the oil temp down on the bigger tracks.   Lingenfelter 48 Hour Camaro Engine Build Information
    • LS3 Block 4.070" Bore
    • GM Crankshaft
    • Mahle Forged Pistons with tool steel pins– 11.3 to 1 Compression
    • Mahle file fit rings
    • GM Connecting Rods
    • Clevite Rod and Main Bearings
    • Lingenfelter Custom Grind Camshaft by Comp Cams – 243/.637 IN 273/.637 EX 112 LSA Duration @50 243 / 273
    • GM LS3 Roller Rockers with Comp Cams bearing / trunion kit 1.7 ratio
    • Comp Cams 3 Bolt Roller Timing Chain and Gear Set
    • Lingenfelter CNC ported LS3 Cylinder Heads with hand clean up
    • Lingenfelter multi-angle valve job, CC combustion chambers
    • GM 2.165" hollow stem intake / 1.59" heavy duty exhaust valves
    • Surfaced for correct compression ratio
    • Comp Cams valve springs, retainers, and locks
    • GM Head Gaskets
    • Holley Hi-Ram Intake
    • Holley 92mm Throttle Body
    • Lingenfelter blueprinted Oil Pump
    • Holley Oil Pan and pickup
    • Hooker 1 3/4" Headers LS 67-69 Camaro
    • Holley Dominator Engine Controller
    • Holley 60 pound Fuel Injectors
    • Lingenfelter Billet Fuel Rails
    • ATI Crank Dampner
    • Vintage Air Front Runner Accessory Drive
    • Updated Engine Build Information
    • The following updates were made after the original build to increase torque at a lower RPM.
    • GM LS3 Intake Manifold
    • Lingenfelter GT11 Camshaft, ground by Comp Cams – 215/.631 IN 231/.644 EX 118 LSA
  • The aluminum triple pass Desert Cooler radiator and electric cooling fan assembly was supplied by U.S. Radiator. I have a habit of sitting in the Camaro in the staging lane at the autocross in 96 degree heat with the engine running and the A/C running. The water temp stays at 186 degrees. Really.
  • All plumbing is the Ultraflex 650 from Earls. Expensive, but works perfectly every time.
  • Rick Stainless Tanks provided the stainless fuel tank and Aeromotive supplied their new drop in fuel pump module.
  • The 3" mufflers and exhaust components were provided by Cherry Bomb.
  • The Quicktime bellhousing, Science Friction clutch, and hydraulic linkage system was supplied by American Powertrain.
  • Auto Gear Equipment provided the M20 Muncie 4 speed, and Gearvendors supplied their overdrive unit. This combination has proven to be a real asset on the autocross track...clutchless shifting in or out of overdrive in any gear...its almost an unfair advantage! One of the reasons we chose a Muncie 4 speed with a Gear Vendors unit was that we did not want to spend time modifying the transmission tunnel. This package went in with NO tunnel or crossmember modifications at all. The other reason we chose it was that I wanted to be able to shift the car under full power into 2nd and 3rd gear. The Muncie does that really nice!
  • We used a Moser 12 bolt GM rearend with their new WaveTrac posi unit and 35 spline axles. Moser offers the option of installing our RideTech 4 link brackets at their factory, so we chose that route. They even helped us fix the rearend after I personally screwed up the initial width measurement
  • The Camaro uses a full set of Baer Brakes with 14" rotors, 6 piston calipers, and a manual 1.125" bore Corvette master cylinder. This car has better brakes than my a long shot.
  • The A/C unit is the new Gen IV Camaro unit by Vintage Air. This is another category that the Camaro beats my Z06. Cold...all the time!
  • The stereo amplifier and speakers are all Kicker components. A small 4 channel amp and 4 speakers are integrated with an ipod connection to make sure your favorite music can flow uninterrupted
  • We used an American Autowire Builder 19 base wiring system coupled with their Factory Fit rear harness to save some time. Loved both...everything was clear, concise, and included!
  • The zoomy billet window cranks and door handles came from Clayton Machine. Love the mechanical design!
  • The direct fit gas pedal, throttle cable, and pedal pads are from Lokar.
  • The minitubs, wiper motor and steering box are from Detroit Speed
  • The seats are the Recaro Profi units
  • Autometer provided a Pro Comp Dash unit that features an analog tach with digital readouts for all other gauge function. It also includes data logging and lap time capabilities. The carbon fiber guage pod and center dash plate are from Anvil.
  • The steering column is a tilt unit from Ididit. The steering wheel was actually on the car when it was looks fine so we used it.
  • Classic Industries stepped up for all of the miscellaneous oem style components...dash pad, carpet, bumpers, door panels, mirrors, and the rest of the trinkets that are always so hard to locate.
  • Dynamat provided their new custom fit sound deadening package. Since it was already cut to fit the early Camaro it saved a huge amount of installation time and eliminates all the ugly noises a hotrod can make!
  • The wheels are GA3R Forgelines in a 18x10 w/ 5.75 BS and 18x12 w/ 7" BS size with a matte black center and a matte bronze rim. The BF Goodrich tires are 275/35-18 and 335/30-18.
  • The 48 Hour Camaro is ALL about suspension and of course, uses a complete RideTech package. The rear is the bolt-on AirBar 4 link package but uses the new Ridetech T/A [Triple Adjustable] coilovers. The RideTech T/A has 3 valving for rebound and then both a high speed and a low speed compression adjustment. While this technology has existed on the motorcycle and offroad market for some time, RideTech has now made it available for the serious hotrodder.
  • The front end of the Camaro features the new RideTech Tru Turn suspension system. The Tru Turn package allows you to fit an 18x10 wheel with a 275/35-18 tire with a stock subframe and only minimal modifications to the ineer and outer fender lips. At the same time RideTech has corrected all the geometry sins that have plagued the oem suspension. The camber gain is improved with taller spindles, the bumpsteer has been minimized [under .050" through 5" of suspension travel!] with a new draglink relocate bracket and tierod assemblies, and new steering arms have created more clearance to run a wider wheel. This package is very significant because up to this point to get this kind of rubber under a Camaro you had to install an aftermarket subframe.
  • RideTech StrongArms, T/A coilovers, and a Musclebar swaybar finish off the frontend.
  • One would assume that a car of this stature and horsepower would automatically have subframe connectors. Well, not in the traditional sense. RideTech’s TigerCage takes cars of improving the structural integrity of the car AND offer better crash protection for the driver. It’s a bolt-in unit made from 304L stainless that integrates with the existing structural strength points of the Camaro. RideTech also supplied the SFI approved 4 point harnesses.

48HourCamaro 2011 Road Schedule

Below is the 48 Hour Camaro event Schedule. Expect the Camaro to show up at these events to race as a participant in the event autocross and track courses.  
Event Date Location

Initial build

May 16-18

RideTech - Jasper, In.

Goodguys Nashville

May 20-23

Nashville, Tn.

Run to Music City

May 27-29

Nashville, Tn

Hotrod Powertour

June 4-10

Cocoa Beach, Fl. – Detroit Mi.

Motorstate Challenge

June 17-19

Gingerman Raceway, Mi.

Goodguys Des Moines

July 1-3

Des Moines, IA

Goodguys Columbus

July 8-10

Columbus, Oh

Chevy High Performance Magazine Musclecar Shootout

July 12

Columbus, OH

Heidt’s Perfromance Car Challenge

July 15-17

Joliet, IL

NSRA Street Rod Nationals

Aug. 4-7

Louisville, Ky

Optima Power Summit / Sand Hills Race

August 10-14

Hastings, NE

Super Chevy Magazine Suspension Shootout

August 30

El Toro, Ca

Holley LS Fest

Sept. 9-11

Bowling Green, KY

Goodguys Indy

Sept. 16-18

Indianapolis, In

Run Through The Hills

Sept. 23-25

Pigeon Forge, TN

Goodguys Ft. Worth

Sept. 30, Oct. 1-2

Ft. Worth TX.


Nov. 1-4

Las Vegas, NV

Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational

Nov. 5

Pahrump, NV

Powertour Update Summary 4 from Matt Graves

The Ridetech powertour has made it's way through Nashville and Indianapolis, and Matt Graves just emailed in his last report. The 48HourCamaro is back home being repaired and refinished, but the fun continues for many. Here is Matt's last report: Nashville and Indy - PowerTour Day 4 and 5 "We wake up the next morning in Montgomery to realize we have to send the D-100 home. The primitive fuel system just cannot bear the heat anymore. Jon decides to get her sent home. So he makes the call to a friend to come pick it up. Jon still has the A-100 Van so he and Willy team up in the van for the duration of the trip. Still without overdrive we continue onward to Nashville in the 48HourCamaro. I decided to take the interstate because we wanted to have it there in time to run the auto-cross course outside LP Field. We get about 100 miles away and the car is vibrating so bad I pull off. I start to think the tires are vibrating and realize the left rear is almost flat. Now mind you we didn't have a spare tire, just a can of fix a flat. The rear tires are 335 series on 12" wide wheels. That my friend will not fit in a trunk. So I air up the tire and it holds for us until Nashville. Then we discover it has a nail in it. Realizing its holding the air in, we leave it and hand the keys to Bret from RideTech for the auto-cross course. What does he do? He comes in 2nd for the day. Yes 2nd overall in a car that was build in 46 hours, raced two consecutive weekends then taken on PowerTour the next weekend, drag raced two straight days and then almost wins the auto-cross on the PT. Unbelievable. (Video below)  
  All in all the Camaro was an amazing machine to drive and compete in. Kellie and me where smiling all the way from Knoxville to Cocoa Beach to Nashville. We do appreciate Bret letting us take the journey of a life time in such a car. At this point we have to part ways with the car and the PowerTour. Kellie and I have to get home to our little girls who are missing us really bad. But the fun is not over. Oh no. Because the two Van Jockeys Jon and Willy are still going strong in the 64 Dodge A-100 Van. In fact this is going to get really good. I am going to keep you guys posted for the remainder of the tour with reports from the Jockeys. In fact the first report from the road takes place from the night before in Nashville. Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more from Jon and Willy this week on" "Note the Hot Rod bus. Jon swears he saw Doug Evans naked thru the window."