There are just so many shows going on this summer, it’s impossible to get to all of the ones you’d like to have on your list, no matter how hard you try!  And while that might be a little annoying, it’s a very good indicator that our market (and the hot rod culture in general) is booming.  So while the Corvette gets to take a short break before Holley’s upcoming LS Fest, we’d like to review a little about what we’ve got underneath the car and why it helps us on the track and on the street.



Since we wanted the best of the best for this car, we went with our Level 3 Coilover system. This system includes the best of everything we have to offer:
  • Tubular StrongArms to optimize strength and proper alignment
  • Taller RideTech spindles to optimize camber gain for better handling
  • Billet steering arms to eliminate bump steer and optimize Ackerman angles
  • TruTurn steering linkage to optimize steering geometry
  • Delrin control arm bushings to offer stable, smooth, and quiet bushing movement
  • Integrated caster slugs to assist with adjustment and alignment
  • Tubular upper cross member to allow easy rear end removal and improve strength
  • Offset fabricated trailing arms to offer more tire clearance and increased strength
  • Relocated camber links to optimize camber gain for better handling


This system also includes our triple-adjustable TQ Track-Quality Series shocks on all four corners!  With a million-and-one mile warranty, these shocks are guaranteed to perform with smooth comfort, road-gripping performance, and race-winning tunability.  These shocks have a single rebound adjustment and a dual-stage (high-speed and low-speed) compression adjustment.  They use a remote reservoir connected with braided line for easy installation in a variety of applications.  The high-speed adjustment allows tuning for impact harshness…potholes, speedbumps, and other harsh road irregularities that might induce a high-speed excursion of the piston rod.  The low-speed adjustment allows for tuning of ride quality, as well as the general cornering characteristics of typical road course and track day use. To learn more about our shocks, click HERE; and to learn more about the entire system, visit THIS PAGE for details!