The project started with dis-assembly. Within a couple of days the build team had successfully dismantled the entire car to it’s bones. With a build of this caliber very every square inch of the car is refinished, so everything must be exposed.

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Every piece of the car was sanded down to bare metal, giving the build team a good place to start building up.

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With an intermediate primer on, the build team starts to refinish some areas that were rough. This Camaro will be straightened and fixed up better than when it was new!

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The build team focuses on rebuilding the rear. One of the small but important details is reducing the space between the bumper and the car body. Kurt, one of the build members, is working on making the bumper flush with the sides giving the car a much cleaner look.

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The build team have already installed a few Ridetech products, which really are some of the easiest components to install. Rest assured the Camaro will utilize the best products we have to offer including Triple Adjustable Coilovers, a TruTurn, a TigerCage, and much more.

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Kurt continues to work on the rear side of the car while Dennis is working on the molded interior paneling inside.

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Welded in some custom made lower side panels, installed the molded dash and door panels, and worked on the front grill.

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Side vents continue to shape up, front window and dash are being put into place.

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The Tremec transmission arrived today, shortly followed by the Forgeline wheels for the Camaro.

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A spare LS motor is now inside the car for measurement. Kurt is grinding out the imperfections on the rear end pieces while Dennis is working on some meshing on the interior panels.

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The LSA engine has arrived, it’s rather beastly. The focus is now on the front end of the car as the build team starts to work on the front grill.

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Hammering away at some custom fabrication work. (exhaust port bevel, cowl vent grille panel)

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Continuing work on the exhaust port and hood:

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Door handles and locks are installed. The focus now is finding a nice ride height and making sure there is ample room for a turning radius.

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Work continues on the front of the car. Kurt is refinishing the front bumper while Dennis is working on putting the windows in the doors.

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Rodfather tour visit marked the first time the public would see the car in person. Marc Meadors, who put on the project, was along with the group.

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Dropped in the LSA engine, starting to fit up some parts to see if everything will fit like it should. The front is still getting a lot of body work done to it.

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Working on new front bumper brackets since the headlights were modified. The front bumper itself has been heavily modified to give it a “sharper” look. Lot of other fab work going on to make the front end look cleaner.

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Details, details, details. Finishing out miscellaneous work like making the hood flush and finishing the exhaust ports on the back.

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Continuing to make edits to the car to make sure everything fits: tucking in the wheels, clearing the center console, and putting in the radiator

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Each component was carefully selected for this project. Baer brakes, Forgeline wheels, Rick's tank, and PRC Radiator are just a few of the components.

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Lot's of wheel well work being done. The Rick's stainless tank and Hooker headers were mounted recently. Lots of new parts have been rolling in lately.

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Kurt refinished the back deck-lid giving it a much smoother and more striking finish. The build team has already started to plan out the exhaust and the wheel wells are being reworked.

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Work continues on the Good-Guys Camaro Project most of the front end fabrication done!

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