Streetrod Air Suspension System - Level 2

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The Level 2 system retains the weld-in rear 4-Link assembly and upgrades you to single adjustable billet Shockwaves to allow fine tuning ride quality and handling performance. The compressor system is upgraded to the RidePro electronic controls that offer air pressure presets and a digital control panel.


What you need to know to choose your kit options:

Compressed Length

This is the measurement from the two mounting points when the suspension is fully compressed.

Ride Length

This is the distance between the two mounting points when the vehicle is at the height it is intended to be driven.

Extended Length

This is the length between the mounting points when the suspension is at full extension.

Mounting Style



Kit Features

Front System


with strong arm upgrade

The ShockWave® mounts much like a coilover and replaces both the coil spring and the shock absorber. The Shockwave kit bolts in using the existing upper shock mount. (Note: some trimming of your spring pocket may be required)

The Shockwave system will lower the vehicle from the factory ride height and provides the ability to go even lower when not being driven by lowering the air pressure further.

  1. Unequalled ride quality
  2. Proven patented sealing technology
  3. Anodized billet aluminum construction
  4. Eliminates tire clearance problems

To optimize suspension, our ShockWave system allows the replacement of the factory lower arm with our StrongArm lower control arm which is included in this system (Level 2 package also includes the upper control arm upgrade).

Master Series

Single Adjustable

Shocks are the heart of every suspension system and are the key component in providing ride control to the driver. The Level 2 system includes the upgrade to our Handling Quality Series, single adjustable aluminum shocks, both front and rear.

The HQ shock has an impact forged aluminum body / mono-tube design with adjustable valving. Adjustability Provides More Options for Desired Driving Style and Loads Easy and precise valve adjustment with 26 rebound clicks from soft to firm.


Rear System


Air4Link - Triangulated with ShockWaves

Includes Master Series Shock Upgrade

The triangulated version Air4Link is a tubular version of the tried and true rear suspension that GM has used since 1964. Welding and basic fabrication skills are needed. As a result, the triangulated Air4Link is highly adaptable to a variety of custom installations. The triangulated 4 link includes a rear Shockwave® with this package. For the professional shop or advanced installer, the triangulated Air4Link is the top choice.

• No panhard bar needed
• Allows maximum suspension travel and tighter wheel to fender clearances
• Highly adaptable to most vehicles
• Simple, straightforward installation

The triangulated Air4Link is designed for the professional builder who wants a straightforward, no-compromise rear air ride suspension.


Compressor / Control System


We have equipped our Level 2 package with our ridePro digital compressor system outfitted with a compressor and a 3-gallon tank.


The RidePro System Features:

3 ride height presets with optional "Ride height on start" feature. Optional LevelPro Sensors monitor both air pressure and ride height to eliminate crossloading.
Transflective display uses sunlight to illuminate…the brighter the sun, the brighter the display. Mini USB connectors on bottom and back of control panel offer several mounting options.
Waterproof ECU allows mounting anywhere on vehicle. Compatible with existing RidePro and other brands of solenoid valves.
Built in troubleshooting menus provide error codes to alert users of any malfunctions. Solid state internal compressor relays eliminate external compressor relays and wiring.
Waterproof threaded M12 wiring harness connectors.