Streetrod Coil Suspension System - Level 2

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The Level 2 system retains the weld-in rear 4-Link assembly and upgrades you to single adjustable billet ShockWaves to allow fine tuning ride quality and handling performance.


What you need to know to choose your kit options:

Compressed Length
This is the measurement from the two mounting points when the suspension is fully compressed.

Extended Length
This is the length between the mounting points when the suspension is at full extension.

Spring Rate
To find the correct spring rate, use the Ridetech online spring rate calculator

Mounting Style



Kit Features

Front System - CoilOvers


RideTech continues to offer today’s hot rodders the ultimate in ride quality, handling performance, technical support, and now, SIMPLICITY, with the new coilover suspension components.

  • Anodized finish protects against corrosion

  • Available as fixed valve or rebound single adjustable

  • CNC machined billet hardware

  • Unique pinch clamp height adjuster uses finer thread for easy adjustment

  • Includes 1/2" bore x 1" kevlar lined bearings for noise free operation

RideTech 2 1/2" CoilOver springs

built in Indiana by HyperCo:

High tensile premium steel CNC cold wound, less weight, more resistant to bowing, increased travel with durable powered coated finish
  • Monotube gas pressure design offers superior fade free performance

  • Impact forged aluminum body provides superior strength and reliable service

  • Larger 1.834" piston provides outstanding ride quality

  • Double sealed rod guide with dust cover eliminates oil leakage

  • 5/8" chrome shock shaft

RideTech Aluminum MonoTube Shocks

Great Performance

Mono-tube construction sets this coil-over shock apart - it means consistent performance and great ride quality


Rear System - 4-Link

Universal Link - Triangulated with CoilOvers

The triangulated version 4-Link is a tubular version of the tried and true rear suspension that GM has used since 1964. Welding and basic fabrication skills are needed. As a result, the triangulated 4-Link is highly adaptable to a variety of custom installations. The triangulated 4 link includes a rear coilovers® with this package. For the professional shop or advanced installer, the triangulated 4-Link is the top choice.

• No panhard bar needed
• Allows maximum suspension travel and tighter wheel to fender clearances
• Highly adaptable to most vehicles
• Simple, straightforward installation

The triangulated 4-Link is designed for the professional builder who wants a straightforward, no-compromise rear coilover ride suspension.


Handling Quality Series Shocks

The Handling Quality series features adjustable shock valving. It is housed in a lightweight aluminum impact forged construction that is available in a wide range of stroke lengths, and mounting styles to fit a large variety of applications.

The single adjustment knob controls primarily the rebound force of the shock giving the driver plenty of control to dial in their performance at an economical price point. A RideTech HQ shock will provide enough adjustment for the majority of car builders.


  • Aluminum impact forged construction allows leak free operation
  • Single rebound shock valving adjustment
  • Available in a wide range of stroke lengths and mounting styles to fit large variety of applications
  • Monotube design for superior oil control
  • Easy & precise valve adjustment with 26 rebound clicks