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RideTech dominates the custom truck suspension market as the only company that produces all three types of suspension system options: Coil-Over, Air Spring and StreetGRIP, our line of traditional upgrade systems. All RideTech truck suspension products are developed and tested on our private Test Track, as well as on road tours. We are condifent that RideTech Truck Suspension is the best handling, best riding, highest quality products available.


C10 on RideTech's Test Track


RideTech is the only aftermarket company that develops and tests suspension products its own private Test Track. Here is our StreetGRIP system as shown on this otherwise stock 1987 Chevrolet C10 "Squarebody."

hd 4Link


RideTech offers numerous bolt on and universal weld in 4-Link systems to help you replace OE leaf springs. Ride quality and handling improve dramatically. Most kits accomodate both air springs and coil-overs.  


CoolRide Air Spring Kits are available in bolt-on and universal weld-in applications to help you get your truck low. RideTech's R&D team engineers the correct size and type of bag for your truck. 88-00 3500 shown.