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56 chevy 4-link vs. bolt-in shock crossmember

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  • 56 chevy 4-link vs. bolt-in shock crossmember

    I am the proud owner of a 1956 chevy 4-door wagon. I always thought a 4-link setup was the only real way to add airbags to a tri-5. But the article by Doc Frohmader on the ridetech website ( ) got me wondering...

    Which setup is better?

    I am curious and would like to hear at least one opinion on the pros/cons, plusses/minuses, strengths/weaknesses of a parrallel 4-link with shockwave 9000' s (SKW9000-PAR) and the rear bolt in shock crossmember with shockwave 9000' s (SKW9300).

    My main concerns are ride quality and ride height.... of course!


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    RE: 56 chevy 4-link vs. bolt-in shock crossmember

    Your thinking is correct.

    The four-link is capable of a better ride and better handling than the SKW/crossmember kit. Also, you will be able to set ride height pretty much where you want it with the four-link.

    The big advantage of the SKW/crossmember kit is that it will deliver a better than stock ride while being a bolt-on kit.