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  • Dual Compressors


    I have the Ridepro setup on my car and I am running 2 Thompson compressors. Currently I'm running a 1/4" line to a T and then 1/4" to the tank.
    More I think about it should I bump up the line size to 1/2" running from the T to the tank?

    Also, would a check valve off each compressor make sense to keep from one dead heading the other in the event one is slightly stronger then the other?


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    Personally I prefer to plumb each compressor into the tank separately. That eliminates any possibility of one compressor effecting the other.

    The Thomas compressors have a check valve built into the head, so you don't really need one. However, they are good insurance for a line failure (if the airline between the tank and the compressor fails air will escape from the tank. So putting a check valve at the tank will eliminate this possible issue.)


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      I had he same thought when I was writing my initial question but I couldn't remember how many connection points the tank had. I appreciate it.


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        If you have our 5-gallon aluminum tank you should have plenty of ports available.


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