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Project Updates

StreetGrip On The Scene!

The three current StreetGrip-equipped cars in the RideTech stable have been added to our Current Projects list; these are very solid cars with very little work done to them (and we plan on keeping them that way!), but we’ll have more information on tire sizes and fender-to-ground measurements soon.  We also plan on taking these […]

Project G/RS is DONE!

After 17 months of build time…the Goodguys G/RS Camaro is DONE!! Most of you have seen some of the 2 dimensional build pictures of the Goodguys G/RS Camaro. Wait till you see in 3D! Here is a teaser video to hold you over until the car is officially unveiled on Tuesday Nov. 5 at 10:00 […]

Jimi Day’s AMXess on Big Muscle

Longtime friend and customer, Jimi Day, had his 1969 AMX featured on the Big Muscle show on the Youtube Drive channel. Jimi uses Ridetech Handling Quality Coilovers and the Tigercage.

Project BluePrint

PowerTV Media has been working on their latest project car, a 1964 Chevelle, dubbed BluePrint. Their latest addition to the car? A full Ridetech suspension system.

2012 Ridler Award Winner

The Don Ridler Memorial Award winner has chosen Ridetech once again as the suspension of choice. We recently got a hold of some great new pictures of Dwayne Peace’s Ridler winning T-bird.

No Limit Engineering Project: Hellboy

No Limit Engineering has done it again, they’ve built another vehicle that looks like a truck but handles more like a supercar. Their newly built 1970 C10 dubbed “HellBoy” is a work of art…

Tyler Gibson’s 47 Chevy

We have big respect for hotrod builders that can make the most out of anything. Tyler Gibson is that guy and his 1947 Chevy proves it.

Hometown C10

We all know there is no better way to build a truck than with friends and family. And one of our employees, Jason, knows that best…