Install: Baer Upgrades The Brakes On Our New StreetGRIP Mustang

Hey, nice car; let’s take it apart! RideTech is celebrating its Mustang StreetGRIP product launch with this 1969 Mach 1 build. It was purchased at Barrett-Jackson’s recent auction in Scottsdale.

RideTech likes to launch new products in style. It’s far too easy to throw parts in boxes and call it a day; instead, RideTech believes in keeping the spotlight on cars, not boxes or part numbers. RideTech President Bret Voelkel lives and breathes that mojo. Perhaps it’s because he’s a smart businessman. …or maybe he is simply car-obsessed. Imagine, then, that Bret was at Barrett-Jackson last January executing the challenging 48-Hour C10 Build project when a certain 1969 Mustang Mach 1 caught his eye. This would turn out to be the perfect car to help RideTech celebrate its new Mustang StreetGRIP products.

Bret has sold a car or two at Barrett-Jackson, but never made a purchase there. He noticed the car — with its perfect black paint job and exceptional detail — at the beginning of the 8-day marathon event. It kept calling his name all week long. Fast-forward to the last day of the auction, and that very same Mustang is selling two cars behind the C10. Bret is up there on the auction block trying to devote 100% of his focus to the C10 sale, but that Mustang is distracting him. It all worked out for the best and the 48-Hour C10 sold for a great price. While the Velocity TV people were insisting that Bret walk outside for a “photo op,” he instead pulled a 180 and walked back up on the block to bid on the Mustang. Obviously, Bret was the winning bidder.

It’s a really nice car. With all new metal and deep black paint, it will stand out at any car show. The previous owner/builder deserves much credit for his efforts. The roller cam-equipped 351W has excellent throttle response and the 5-speed trans shifts nicely. There are, however, two areas of the car that can be improved upon: the brakes, and (of course) the suspension.

Baer Brakes offers a wide range of products to suit any custom application. So while RideTech’s 48-Hour Camaro and Corvette race cars run forged, six-piston Baer 6R brakes, our StreetGRIP Mustang is getting a set of four-piston SS4 brakes. The StreetGRIP Mustang will inevitably find its way onto an autocross track, but its primary purpose will be carving up winding roads at street legal speeds.

Packaging is an additional consideration. If you want exceptional braking force but wish to maintain smaller diameter wheels, the SS4 is ideal. Another benefit: SS4 calipers are engineered to jump out of the box and install themselves (almost). Lastly, the SS4 setup is affordable. You can upgrade your front brakes for $1,595 street price and your entire braking system for right around $3,000.

Follow along as Baer Brakes gurus Dutch Miller and Nick Cowherd tackle the upgrade. To learn more about Baer Brake System including the SS4 system installed below, click HERE.

Here are Baer’s complete front and rear SS4 disc brake kits, plus a properly sized Remaster billet master cylinder. Baer’s website and tech support staff can help you select the right system for your ride.


You do it. ….No, you do it. This Mach 1 is so clean underneath that no one wants to take it apart. Those OE-reman calipers gotta go, however. Baer’s SS4 brake system is a a huge improvement in every way.


An old pro, Dutch has swapped a brake system once or twice before. Here you can see the new hubs and caliper brackets being installed. In the background, you can see the old suspension. RideTech’s StreetGRIP kit has not yet been installed here.


The complete front brake assembly really shows off the red powder coating and hand-painted lettering on Baer’s SS4 billet 4 piston calipers. They are made right here in the U.S.A. Custom powder coating is also available.


In the rear, the old brake caliper mounts are removed. Strange axles emanate from a big bearing Ford 9″ rear. Again, the old suspension is shown here. A complete StreetGRIP system will be installed next week.


The rear parking brake assembly is self-contained behind the brake rotor and bolts in place.  Note that the axles have been removed to facilitate the install process.


Buttoned up, the rear SS4 brakes look as impressive as the front setup. It’s almost a shame to cover up these calipers and slotted/cross-drilled rotors with wheels.


Ready to rock, the complete Baer SS4 system is installed including a matched Remaster billet master cylinder. Rotors measure 13″ up front and and 12″ out back. If you are not sure about wheel-to-caliper clearance, call Baer tech support or check out their excellent website for templates.


There’s Bret in the Mach 1 with Baer brakes and StreetGRIP suspension installed. Check back next week for the complete suspension installation article.

For more information about Baer Brakes, click HERE.

To read more about RideTech’s StreetGRIP systems, click HERE.

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