Update: Sharon’s Chevelle Gets Some Hot Rod Jewelry

Custom car building is an art form. Builders have always walked the line between form and function. The Voelkels have always built functionally beautiful cars. This Chevelle will be no different.  There is no roof chop nor supercharged monster motor. Though uncomplicated, the car will be cool. Expect nothing less than a hand-crafted work of art, for sure. For this installment, we’re showcasing three facets of the Chevelle’s design. Two are completely handmade and one is purchased.

The first design element is the rear bumper.  Still in raw form, it’s clear that hundreds of hours have been spent reshaping the bumper with trapezoidal recesses for a more modern appearance. The side openings will accommodate hand-made exhaust tips. Lead fabricator Kurt Blackgrove also shortened and trimmed the bumper so that it is pulled tight to the body.  If you like the rear bumper, wait until you see the front end treatment.

Another piece of jewelry will reside under the hood in the form of Edelbrock’s new Cross-Ram LS3 intake manifold. It is a slick looking piece.  Twin 13″ long plenums bolt to either side of a cross-ram manifold and sit above the valve covers. There are provisions for side-mounting the ignition coils. Like the rear bumper, the overall design is very European looking. Though it lives on top of an LS3 V8, the intake gives the appearance of a much larger V12 AMG Mercedes-Benz. While it is not hand-fabricated, it is a work of art nonetheless.

Last but not least, more progress has been made under the hood. The Chevelle’s one-of-a-kind firewall is complete.  Kurt frenched the C6 Corvette brake booster which looks great and frees up a ton of room in the engine bay.  Building a firewall from scratch is more involved than filling holes and seams, but the results are worthwhile.

We have many more updates in store including more custom fabrication as well as details on some high tech product installations.  Until then, Bret and Sharon are starting to think about color choice and wheel selection.  Like the bumper and the intake, we’re expecting more European grand touring influence. The work can’t get done fast enough.

The rear bumper has been completely reshaped and fitted close to the body. Many weeks of work add up to hundreds of man hours. Custom Exhaust tips will pass through the side openings.
The bumper has been narrowed and reshaped to blend in with the body lines. It’s difficult to improve upon the original taillight design. A subtle touch, the end caps have been integrated into the quarter panels.
The Edelbrock Cross-Ram LS3 intake manifold looks good from every angle. Bosses on the side of each plenum accepts coils. It’s good to see ShockWave® suspension in place, though some of the parts shown will be upgraded with new product releases.
ShockWaves will be used at the rear of the car in conjunction with one of Currie Enterprises’ new Bolt-in Crate rear ends. Not visible in this photo, our new R-Joint delrin rod ends work in conjunction with RideTech’s Bolt-In 4-Link rear suspension for high articulation without typical noise and wear issues.


Without the fancy intake manifold in place, the one off, handmade firewall can be appreciated. Kurt frenched the brake booster, which frees up room in the engine bay and looks great.

For more information on ShockWave® suspension, click HERE

For Edelbrock 71413 Cross-Ram LS3 Intake Manifold, click HERE

For Currie Enterprises Bolt-In Crate Rear-Ends, click HERE

2 Replies to “Update: Sharon’s Chevelle Gets Some Hot Rod Jewelry”

  1. How did you accomplish integrating the rear end caps into the quarter panels? I’m building my 67 now and would love to get rid of the seam. Love the rear bumper work.

  2. Like the comment above asks, the seamless quality you are building is amazing. It’d be cool to see a couple more pics of the shortening/trimming of the lights, bumper, and any fender work.

    I have a 72 el camino I’m cleaning up throwing in a similar ls build, going to have to widen my fenders for the tires and section it here and there just a tad.

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