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About Ridetech

350 South St. Charles Street Jasper, Indiana 47546
Phone 812-481-4787 Fax 812-634-6632 e-mail: sales@ridetech.com
Our business model has not been derived from any business seminar or book. It is simply our common sense approach of giving the customer what they want when they want it. Since we are hot rodders we feel we have a reasonably good idea what “it” is. We do the vast majority of our manufacturing in-house. We do the research and development, CAD drawings, prototyping, CNC machining, CNC tube bending, jig welding, shock assembly and dynoing, airspring crimping and burst testing, and final assembly all within our facility in Jasper, IN. This way we have complete control over every aspect of design, quality, and delivery. This is one reason why our backorder rate is virtually ZERO. ALL of our tech/sales people have air suspension vehicles and have been involved in the design, manufacture, installation, and use of our suspension systems. We have a fleet of around 20 muscle cars, customs, and sport trucks that we use to demonstrate the performance of our suspension products and to continually refine them. You can find out more about our cars in the garage section. On our news site you’ll find the most comprehensive technical data available for suspension systems in the world. Feel Free to call or email us with any questions. You can order online, by fax or pick up the phone and call! For questions or assistance with Ridetech products, please contact us by email at sales@ridetech.com. Our office hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. If you contact us outside of regular business hours, we will call you back or e-mail you within the next business day.

From Air Ride Technologies to RideTech

Our name has changed, and the shape of our icon, but behind the new look we are the same company. Air Ride Technologies is RideTech: the same owners, same staff, and most importantly, the same passion for performance.

Testimonial Video


We’re proud to be a company of enthusiast. One walk through our building and you’ll know we aren’t just in the business of building hot rods, we are in the livelihood of building hot rods. Since you may never have the chance to stop by our shop, we put together this quick look of our crew. Click a name to view more information.
Bret Voelkel

Bret Voelkel Owner
Sharon Voelkel

Sharon Voelkel Office
Darren Schilling

Darren Schilling Sales Manager
Will Stinnett

Will Stinnett Engineering Director
Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan Sales
Danny Coultas

Danny Coultas Sales / Tech Support
Chase Mundy

Chase Mundy Sales / Tech Support
Josh Gladish

Josh Gladish Sales / Tech Support
John Meadows

John Meadows West Coast Sales
Amanda McCarthy

Amanda McCarthy Sales Assistant
Sheila Matheis

Sheila Matheis Human Resource
BJ Elmore

BJ Elmore General Manager
Jim Cozzie

Jim Cozzie New Business Dev.
Trent Summers

Trent Summers Road Show Guru
Rodney Mason

Rodney Mason Product Dev. / Tech
Greg Schneider

Greg Schneider Motorsports Manager
James Crosby

James Crosby Fabricator
Jason Brady

Jason Brady Marketing Director
Bryan Groeninger

Bryan Groeninger Welding Dept. Supervisor
Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson CNC Operator
Dustin Terwiske

Dustin Terwiske Production Material Prep
Tony Nash

Tyler Allen CNC Operator
Ethan Schepers

Ethan Schepers Welder
Jeff Wehr

Jeff Wehr CAD design
John Hochgesang

John Hochgesang Special Proj. Manager
Mick Hochgesang

Mick Hochgesang Property Manager
Johnny Merder

Johnny Merder Special Projects Program Manager
Corey Kreilein

Corey KreileinEverything
Gary McCain

Gary McCain Order Fulfillment
TJ Ferguson

TJ Ferguson Order Fulfillment
Tyler Ferguson

Tyler Ferguson Order Fulfillment
Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson Order Fulfillment
Dennis Niehaus

Dennis Niehaus Bodyshop Operations
Logan Sollman

Logan Sollman Order Fulfillment
Amber Ball

Amber Ball Media Understudy
Josh Petry

Josh Petry R&D Guru
Scott Bolden

Scott Bolden Welding Specialist
Josh Fleck

Josh Fleck Welding Supervisor
Morgan Kee

Morgan Kee Warehouse Supervisor
Shayn Knies

Shayn Knies CNC Operator
Kurt Blackgrove

Kurt Blackgrove Hotrod Builder
Jeremy Horton

Jeremy Horton Sales
Jeremiah Stotler

Jeremiah Stotler Western Sales
George Lewis

George Lewis Sales
Michael Julian

Michael Julian R&D
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