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Coilover Trade Program

Here’s a great new way to upgrade your suspension: send in ANY pair of coilovers (new or old), and receive a $100 trade-in value on a new pair of monotube impact forged Ridetech CoilOvers or ShockWaves.Everyone wants to save a little cash, but what many people really need is a better ride quality. That’s why for the next few weeks we’re offering a special that will make it easy for anyone to upgrade to a Ridetech shock. We’ll accept any pair of coilovers of any brand, in any condition, and save you $100 when you jump into our CoilOvers or ShockWaves!


How to take part in the program:

  • Call 812-481-4767 or email sales@ridetech.com to receive a return number for your old coilovers
  • Ship the pair (in any condition) to: Shock Department – 350 S. St. Charles St – Jasper, Indiana, 47546
  • Receive a $100.00 credit on a new pair of Ridetech Coilovers or ShockWaves


You can choose to try any of the shock lines that we offer:

Ride Quality [Non Adjustable]

Shock valving is preset at the factory and is optimized for a premium ride quality. Perfect for Street Rods, Cruisers, and hotrodders who just don’t want to mess with adjusting their shocks!

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Handling Quality Series [Single Adjustable]

This rebound adjustable shock has a very controlled compression valving, with the rebound valving being adjustable from very soft all the way to very firm for aggressive cornering. Perfect for Musclecars, trucks, heavier Street Rods, or anyone who is looking for that extra edge in ride quality and handling performance.

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Track Quality Series [Triple Adjustable]

The star of the new lineup is the Track Quality unit. It features a rebound adjustment and a dual speed adjustment for both high speed and low speed compression valving tuning. The dual speed compression tuning is valuable for the hard core street enthusiast who is capable of wringing every last ounce of handling performance from their hotrod.

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Select Series [Electronically Adjustable]

The Select Series is a steel body monotube damper with TWO sets of independent internal valving so you can choose between “cruise-mode” with a soft compliant ride or a firmer “sport mode” for handling performance… all at the touch of a switch.

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4 Responses to “Coilover Trade Program”

  1. Tom Barton says:

    What spring rate would recommend for a 1970 Camaro with a rear Art Morrison tri-4 bar suspension, it has Aldan’s on it now that I never drove yet. I will be sending them in.

  2. Darren says:

    Usually a 175 to a 225. Depends on the lenght of the shock being used and overall useage. Mostly street driving I’d go for a 175…. if you plan on a fair amount of autocross/roadcoarse we’d lean more towards the 225.

  3. Richard Horvath says:

    I currently have a 1933 Ford 3 Window Coupe, fiberglass body on a custom build racing chassis and a narrowed rear end with wide wheels and tires. The front is a Mustang II assembly. The front seems to be working just fine on the street the rear is extremely hard. I suspect the springs are much too stiff to yield a reasonable ride. I am sure you must have run across a similar car in you line of work. What would you recommend to me to use on the rear of my vehicle ??? I am not sure how to measure the shocks or what further info you may need to answer my question. I sure could use your assistance in this matter.


  4. admin says:

    Hi, Rich! Please give us a call at 812-481-4787 so we can help you figure out what’s going on. Thanks!!!

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