An autocross is a form of motorsport competition that focuses on car control over outright speed and horsepower. The events are generally held in parking lots where pylons are arranged to form a tight, twisting course. Drivers negotiate the course one at a time, as quickly as possible. Each car is timed, and hitting cones will result in time penalties. The courses are constructed with safety in mind and are usually traversed at comparatively low speeds.

What is the big deal?

If you have seen an autocross in the past, you might be asking “why would anyone want to do that?” Autocross is very much a participant activity and is a fun activity to watch. Because of the tight spacing between cones and sharp radius corners used on a typical autocross course, the driver’s seat is a very busy place. In fact, it is entirely possible for a driver to use more input with the steering wheel and pedals during a 30 second autocross run than a 2 minute road course lap on a regular race track.

The fact is, autocrossing is a real thrill for the driver. Accelerating as quickly as possible between turns, braking at the last possible moment, and pushing through the corners at the very limit of traction generally will place a great big smile on most driver’s faces.

Why should I do it?

There are many reasons to drive your car through the cones. Of course, autocrossing is competitive by nature, and many people are driven to be the fastest – the king of the parking lot. However, if you were to talk to the participants, you might be surprised to find how little importance is actually placed on beating someone else. To most autocross participants, the thrill of pushing their car to the limits and testing their personal skill is the driving force behind participating.

If you are a person that loves to drive your car, the real question should be “Why shouldn’t I give it a try?”.  You might just find out it is the most fun you’ve ever had behind the wheel.

Who can participate?

Any registered participant of the GoodGuys events can run the Street Challenge Autocross FREE OF CHARGE!

Where can I try it?

Find autocross dates we attend on our event calendar. [Click Here]

Rules and Regulations for the Street Challenge Autocross:


  • 1. All Street Challenge autocross participants must be GoodGuys event participants (which means the vehicles must meet the year requirements for the particular event). The GoodGuys Registration number will be the autocross entrant number.
  • 2. The autocross entrant number must be displayed and easily read. Shoe polish on the windshield, side windows, and/or back window are acceptable.
  • 3. Participants must use DOT approved tires.
  • 4. No passengers under the age of 18. Passengers must sign the same liability waiver as driver.
  • 5. Helmet use is not required but is permitted. The course design will attempt to keep speeds below 35 M.P.H.
  • 6. Participating cars must pass a basic safety inspection that will include but may not be limited to the following:
    a. Functional seatbelts.
    b. Proper brake pedal pressure and travel.
    c. Sufficient throttle return spring and secured battery.
    d. All lug nuts in place and tight.
    e. Hubcaps are to be removed.
    f. All loose items to be removed from vehicle.
    (Floor mats, things hanging from rearview mirror, CDs, and glove box, console, trunk items.)
  • 7. No unsafe driving will be tolerated. Show management will have COMPLETE discretion to deny anyone participation in the autocross for any reason.
  • 8. The Street Challenge autocross will be run rain or shine.


GoodGuys Autocross Promo Video