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ShockWave Trade Program

Since the ShockWave was invented in the summer of 1999, we have constantly refined the details of manufacturing, performance, and installation. In 2010-2011 we implemented numerous changes to the ShockWave product that have resulted in huge improvements in ride quality, reliability, and durability. We are very proud of these improvements and quite confident that you will be impressed as well. To make sure that our loyal customers can take full advantage of these improvements, we are offering a TRADE-IN program for your old ShockWaves! Return any pair of ShockWaves and receive $200 off your next ShockWave purchase.


You can choose to try any of the new ShockWaves that we now offer:

Ride Quality [Non Adjustable]

Shock valving is preset at the factory and is optimized for a premium ride quality. Perfect for Street Rods, Cruisers, and hotrodders who just don’t want to mess with adjusting their shocks!

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Handling Quality Series [Single Adjustable]

This rebound adjustable shock has a very controlled compression valving, with the rebound valving being adjustable from very soft all the way to very firm for aggressive cornering. Perfect for Musclecars, trucks, heavier Street Rods, or anyone who is looking for that extra edge in ride quality and handling performance.

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Track Quality Series [Triple Adjustable]

The star of the new lineup is the Track Quality unit. It features a rebound adjustment and a dual speed adjustment for both high speed and low speed compression valving tuning. The dual speed compression tuning is valuable for the hard core street enthusiast who is capable of wringing every last ounce of handling performance from their hotrod.

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Three ways to trade in your old ShockWaves

1. Call RideTech directly (812.481.4960) to order a new set of ShockWaves. When we receive your old set, we will give you a credit on account for $200. IF you send us your old ShockWaves first, you can use that credit immediately for your new set of ShockWaves.

2. Place your order for new ShockWaves online and enter the promotion code: “tradein” in the “Discount Coupon code” field on the online store cart page. A RideTech associate will contact you after you finish your order and arrange the return of your old set for credit.

3. Call or visit a participating RideTech dealer to order a new set of ShockWaves. When you send us your old ShockWaves AND your receipt, we will give you a $200 credit on account.

The trade-in allowance will be $200 per pair, no matter what age they are or where they were bought. This trade-in credit can be applied to ANY series of ShockWave that RideTech offers.


Steps to Receive the $200 Trade-In


Returning Your ShockWaves


All trade-ins will require your old ShockWaves to be shipped to RideTech. To do this, you will need a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number that RideTech will assign to you. This number is very important to track your trade-in credit. To receive an RMA number, please call 812.481.4787 and a RideTech associate will promptly send you a RMA number.

Once the RMA number is received, you will need to ship your ShockWaves to RideTech at this address with the RMA number written legibly somewhere on the outside of the package:

350 S. St. Charles St
Jasper, Indiana, 47546
Please also include the RMA number on a sheet inside the package as well.


Proof of New Invoice

To be eligible for the ShockWave trade-in, you must provide a copy of your purchase receipt of a new pair of ShockWaves from RideTech or an authorized RideTech dealer.

If the ShockWaves were purchased from us directly, only the customer name and invoice number need to be provided. If purchased from a dealer, RideTech will need the complete legible invoice with the following information on it:

1. LEGIBLE date of installation
2. LEGIBLE name of dealer
3. LEGIBLE invoice number
4. LEGIBLE customer name [must be your name to receive credit]

The “Proof of purchase” invoice copy can be provided in the following ways:
1. Mailed to RideTech: [350 S. St. Charles St, Jasper, IN 47546] ATTN: SKW TRADEIN
2. Faxed to RideTech [812.634.6632] ATTN: SKW TRADEIN
3. Scanned and emailed to jeremy@ridetech.com with SKW TRADEIN in the subject line
4. Included in your return ShockWave shipment