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Ridetech has compiled over a decade of tech articles back when the air ride technologies name still exisited. Though these articles may be dated, they are still very relevant to anyone doing an install today.

1968-74 Nova Rear AirBar:
Air Ride Technologies scores big again with a rear suspension conversion that makes the original slink away and hide

1958-1964 Impala Strong Arm Front Suspension:
ShockWaves & StrongArms turn a rolling disaster into a nimble cruiser

1957 Cadillac Air Suspension – Part 1, the Front
Back to the year when Cadillac first tried its version of air suspension – then this time we get it right

Tubular Impala Suspension
Using Air Ride Technologies CoolRide & StrongArm rear suspension parts for a bolt-in upgrade

Your Way CoolRide Camaro
Gen 1 Camaro front ride suspension with CoolRide

Haulin’ C-3500
How Air Ride Technologies set up it’s own C-3500 for serious hauling

GSX – Part 1
The popular 1968-72 GM A-body gets a suspension worthy of it’s legend – this time the new rear StrongArm tubular trailing arms and CoolRide air suspension are installed

GSX – Part 2
The front of the GSX gets a set of Air Ride Technologies StrongArm tubular A-arms and ShockWave air suspension

StrongArmed Hauler
A quantum leap in sport truck suspension for the 1968-72 GM trucks

Trimmed Tahoe
1988-98 Tahoe and C-1500 GM trucks front CoolRide air suspension with StrongArm tubular A-arms

Galaxy: In the Air
Air Suspension for the 1960-64 Ford Galaxy – the real AirBar conversion.

Full Frontal Galaxy
Two different ways to upgrade the classic 1960-64 Ford Galaxy front suspension.

S10 RoadGrater
Frame surfing with the RoadGrater S10 suspension.

S10 ShockWave
Ultimate Lowdown…Putting the rails on the ground with the S10 ShockWave/tubular control arm front suspension.

GM “A” – body on air
2 ways to install air suspension on your 64-72 Chevelle, Cutlass, Tempest, or Skylark.

Air Camaro
ShockWave/Coolride suspension for your 93-02 Camaro or Firebird.

Bagging the Chevy II
Front Coolride air suspension for the 63-67 Nova.

Chevy II ShockWave
Bolt-in front Shockwave for the 63-67 Nova. It just doesn’t get any easier than this!

Bars and Bags for Classic F-100’s
CoolRide air suspension and Air Ride’s custom four-bar kit are installed in the rear of the 1953-56 F-100. The result is in the weeds and light-years ahead of Ford’s original idea

Mustang CoolRide
The 1979-2002 Mustang gets a complete CoolRide air suspension conversion with RidePro solenoid controls. The Titanium GT convertible is the subject car.

F150 front air suspension
Both CoolRide and ShockWave air suspension are detailed for the front end of the 1997-2002 F-150. Air Ride’s 2001 SuperCrew company cruiser gets the star treatment.

ShockWaves for Street Rods
Upgrading your street rod from coils, coilovers, or conventional air spring suspension to Air Ride Technologies’ shockWave system. It’s easier than you think.

Tri-5 AirBar:
One of the most interesting approaches yet to installing a 4-bar and air in your 1955-57 Chevy

Nova Booty Call
Lowdown and tieddown, the new Air Ride Technologies’ AirBar kit finally puts your street cruiser Nova rear on solid ground

Steppin’ Up to the AirBar
Installing a new AirBar rear suspension in the venerable ‘67 Camaro – and all Gen-1 F-body cars

Tubular Impala Syspension:
Using Air Ride Technologies CoolRide & StrongArm rear suspension parts for a bolt-in upgrade