With respect to hot-rodded cars and trucks, coil-overs can provide next-level performance and customization by way of increased adjustability and packaging. In simple terms, a coil-over is a self-contained shock absorber and spring assembly. A cap, adjuster and jam nut work in conjunction with a threaded shock body to contain the coil spring and facilitate changes in spring preload. The spring’s rate remains unchanged regardless of preload, but ride height is affected.

Coil-over selection can make or break your car’s handling, ride quality and stance. If you choose the wrong coil-over or setup, you may end up hating your car. RideTech is here to help you get it right. Our highly skilled staff will help you choose the right dimensions and features. RideTech maintains the most comprehensive database of classic vehicle weights in the industry. RideTech gathered the data first hand by weighing thousands of cars at enthusiast events.

RideTech coil-overs employ monotube shock technology that is used on high end road race cars. The benefits of monotube shock technology include more responsive damping and better oil control. Monotube design is vastly superior to that of twin tube shocks where two concentric tubes limit piston diameter and negatively impact other design considerations, as well.  

From a quality standpoint, RideTech starts with a high-quality, impact-forged aluminum body as well as a heavy duty chromed 5/8” shaft. Bodies are anodized for long-lasting appearance. Kevlar-lined 58” bore 1” bearing provide wide articulation and quiet, long-lasting operation. 

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Features and Highlights


All RideTech coil-overs utilize a single-tube cartridge. Known as "monotube," the design features a significantly larger piston area, which in turn provides more responsive damping than a twin tube shock.  
Shock Adjusting Feature


RideTech HQ Series Coil-overs offer a single adjustment knob that controls the rebound curve. The feature allows you to fine tune your cars rebound to suit your driving style and vehicle specs.
Shock feature


A variety of mounting options are available as well as application specific coil-overs for late model cars such as LX Chryslers and late-model Camaros and Mustangs.
1970 Buick GSX HQ Series Coil-Overs


Fine tune your car's stance and balance by quickly lowering and raising your vehicle without sacrificing drivability.
1969 Camaro


Competitive muscle cars utilize our TQ Series triple adjustable coil-overs with remote reservoirs.
Million and one mile warranty


RideTech is so confident in our coil-over performance and durability, we offer a 1,000,001 mile warranty.