Air Compressor and Control Systems

Since 1996, RideTech, then Air Ride Technologies, has helped hot rodders and custom truck enthusiasts to get that unmistakable "Air Ride" stance. Today RideTech is the undisputed leader in air suspension technology with its patented ShockWaves as well as adjustable monotube shocks that yield the best riding and handling air suspension imaginable.  

Controlling your air suspension is just as important as your car's air spring and shock technology. It all works together. RideTech offers self-contained analog and digital compressor systems known as Airpods. These prewired systems are functional and easy to mount. Individual components are also available to suit your build preferences and budget.

With respect to air pressure and ride height control, you can choose either our original Analog switch and gauge design or our popular RidePRO digital controller/ECM system which offers a number of high tech features and options.

From springs and shocks, to controllers and compressors, RideTech provides comprehensive air suspension solutions for the ultimate in Ride Quality, Handling, Ride Height Control and Reliability.

Analog Air Ride Controls


Air suspension systems are available with Analog Control Systems. Enthusiasts and custom car builders have relied on our analog control systems for more than 20 years. A variety of swiches, gauges and panels are available to suit your project.

RidePRO Digital Control


The ULTIMATE air suspension system employs our RIDEPRO digial managment for reliable, repeatable ride height control. Features three presets and "Ride Height On Start" and much more.

Level Pro Ride Height


RideTech's LevelPRO® ride height control system features a unique combination of OE-grade, weatherproof ride height sensors AND air pressure sensors to quickly achieve ride height without crossloading.  

Air Ride Air Compressor


RideTech supplies dependable Thomas Air Compressors with its air control systems. Compact and powerful, its the perfect design for mounting in tight spaces and fits perfectly on our pre-assemled AirPod systems. For both analog and digital systems.


RideTech offers the highest quality inflation kits and components to help you complete your project. Reliable quik-connect lines and fittings simplify the process. RideTech's technical support department is happy to guide you throughout the installation.

Valves and Blooks


Shorten the time it takes to raise or lower your vehicle with Big Red. This is especially useful for heavy, full size classics and trucks. The BigRed 4-Way block has eight ports allowing control of each wheel independently and in both directions (up and down).