RidePro Smartphone App - Complete Kit

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The  system takes another leap forward with the new Ridetech iPhone and Android application that allows you to control your ride height straight from your phone. Using the same basic setup of our previous remote system, the  smartphone remote app is simple to install, easy to use, and convenient for those who carry their phones to every situation.  

General Features:

• Available on BOTH iPhone and Android devices
• Utilitzes Bluetooth technology for superior security and connectivity
• Compatible with any RidePro or LevelPro system
• Adjustable ride height from several yards away
• Displays live information on air tank and airspring pressures
• Includes 3 ride height presets plus controls for each vehicle corner
• Landscape mode imitates ridepro digital controller

How it works:

The application is available on any iPhone or Android smartphone device. Using your phone's bluetooth connection, the application will send remote commands to your  system through an external antenna. The antenna relays important information back to the phone such as air and tank pressure. Menu items can also be changed via your smartphone, just like the original  display.

What is included: wiring, 2 remote key fobs, the bluetooth antenna box, and the application software. NOTE: If you already own a remote kit, click here to purchase the updated bluetooth antenna

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**Already have the RidePro  remote kit? all you need is the upgrade kit Part #31900050


Instructions (2014-remote-node.pdf, 5,002 Kb) [Download]