Instinct Electronic Shocks

Instinct Shock Absorbers, powered by DSC Sport, electronically adjust from luxury-car comfortable to super-car aggressive in mere milliseconds. Instinct adaptive technology is easy to install and includes a custom calibration which can be fine-tuned by laptop to suit your specific vehicle dynamics and driving style. In most instances, however, Instinct will adapt instinctively to vehicle dynamics in real time such that calibration revisions may be unnecessary.

The Complete Instinct System Includes:

  • Four Electronic RideTech coil-over shock absorbers with remote reservoirs
  • DSC Sport Electronic Control Module
  • Sensors: including 3-way g-load sensor, TPS, Brake Pressure, VSS
  • Wiring harness and sub-harnesses
  • Comfort/Performance mode select switch
  • RideTech custom Instinct calibration
  • Tuning software and technical support

Instinct knows and automatically adapts:

  • when you hit a bump
  • when you turn
  • when you are braking
  • when you accelerate
  • when you are cruising
  • when you are racing
How does the Instinct system analyze and adapt? The brains of RideTech’s Instinct system is a fast-processing ECM that analyzes and adjusts dampening forces based on real-time inputs from a 3-way g-load sensor as well as brake pressure, vehicle speed, and throttle position sensors. All four shocks work in concert and adjust in milliseconds to keep your car sure-footed in all driving scenarios.
Rather than turn knobs, Instinct allows you to tune by laptop with far greater resultion across multiple tables.

Instinct Shock Dimensions

Due to the internal configuration of the Instinct electronic shocks, they do not follow our normal dimensioning format. Instinct shocks measure approximately. 1” longer in compressed, ride, and extended height than our HQ and TQ Series shocks. Be aware that you may need to fabricate new shocks mounts for your particular application.


Stroke Compressed Ht Ride Height Extended Height Body Length Notes



11.259” 13.250” 14.330” 8.858 2.283” extended upper eye to accommodate DSE frontend
4” 11.118” 13.625” 15.118” 9.645” 1.496” standard height upper eye
5” 12.126 15.625” 17.126” 10.629” 1.496” standard height upper eye

ORDERING:  Please call to set an appointment for consultation. Be prepared to provide specific vehicle details such as corner weight, shock installed height, tire selection, suspension details and intended usage. Pricing: From $10,500

Darren Schilling: 812-481-4706 (IN)

Chris Smith: 419-448-8080 (OH)

Bret Voelkel: 812-481-4787 (IN)

NOTE: While the Instinct System is adaptive in real time, it cannot compensate for poor suspension design (e.g. improper spring rates, geometry, alignment settings). As RideTech employs an engineered approach with each Instinct System setup, the aforementioned vehicle details, along with a consultation, are mandatory prior to purchase. Trackside support can be arranged. For further review of electronic shock technology, clicl HERE. "Future Tech: Electronic Shocks Are Here Today"


In place of adjusting knobs, the Instinct System is tuned via software with the aid of a laptop. An electronic lead is connected to each shock absorber.


Instinct Electronic Shocks feature remote fluid reservoirs to ensure completely stable and consistent fluid. Military Grade wiring connectors are utilized.


A compact g-Meter lies at the heart of the Instinct System.  The small mode button toggles between two calibrations such as soft and race.