ShockWaves - Air Springs with Integrated Shocks

Introduced in 1999, the ShockWave is, by far, the most significant invention in hot rod "air ride" air suspension! The ShockWave is so unique and so advanced, the United States granted us TWO patents concerning its design and function. RideTech is the inventor of this technology, not an imitator. We have continuously developed and refined the ShockWave over the years to meet your specific needs. It’s no wonder that many of the world’s most radical and beautiful hot rods and customs rely on ShockWave both on the road and on the show circuit.

The ShockWave is very similar to a coil-over spring/shock assembly. Our coil-overs and Shockwaves both use the same great monotube shock cartridge and offer damping adjustment.  Both offer ride height adjustments. In many cases, RideTech coil-overs are interchangeable with RideTech ShockWaves. The main distinction between coil-overs and ShockWaves is that the metal coil spring is replaced with a pressure adjustable air spring. ShockWaves allow for electronic ride height adjustments at the push of a button.

It is important to clarify that the “shock” in ShockWave sets RideTech apart from the many imitators flooding the market. The shock is responsible for controlling the air spring’s oscillations. That control, known as damping will absolutely make or break your car or trucks handling and ride quality. RideTech ShockWaves, with their 1,000,001 mile warranty, are the ultimate air suspension "air ride" solution.


Features and Highlights


Shocks are critical to a succcessful air suspension system. We use impact-forged monotube shocks used exclusively.


ShockWave mounting is typically a bolt-in affair, with little to no modification or fabrication required.


You can have it all: Show car stance, ride quality handling and reliability with load capacity tuning at your fingertips.
AirPod System


Unlike Coil-Overs, ShockWaves allow you to lower and raise your vehicle at the push of a button without sacrificing drivability or durability.


Shockwaves utilize the same high-quality rubber employed by 18 wheelers on today's highways. Your air springs are designed to last for many years.
Shockwave warranty


RideTech is so confident of ShockWave's durability, we offer the best warranty in the business 1,000,001 miles.

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