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Universal Styles

Universal Application ShockWave

Universal ShockWaves comes in a variety of mounting and ride height options, making them a perfect solution for your custom project. First, you will need to choose the ShockWave best suited for your vehicle's load capacity; then you will need to choose compression and extended shock lengths. Choose from the options below:

1000 Series

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The 1000 series double convoluted ShockWave, with its shorter stroke and larger diameter, will have a larger load capacity and spring rate that is appropriate for the front of most vehicles. It is also a progressive spring, which means that the further it is compressed, the firmer the spring rate. This progressive spring rate helps the vehicle ride very comfortably at a normal ride height and still offer great handling when the spring is compressed further, such as a tight turn.

104 Series

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The 104mm ShockWave combines the load capacity of the double convoluted ShockWave with the stroke and linear spring rate of the rolling sleeve ShockWave. It is used in the front of some vehicles to further improve ride quality, and in the rear of some very heavy vehicles to increase load capacity. It is exactly the same overall diameter as the 6.5" diameter double convoluted ShockWave.

7000 Series

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The 7000 and 8000 series ShockWave, with a smaller diameter and longer stroke, will have a less load capacity and a softer spring rate that is appropriate for the rear of most vehicles with a solid rear axle. The spring rate and load capacity is influenced by the profile of the lower piston. A straight piston will offer a very linear, or constant spring rate, throughout its travel. A tapered lower piston will result in a more progressive spring rate, much like the double convoluted airspring.

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