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09-10 Ranger XP Master Shockwave System
  • 09-10 Ranger XP Master Shockwave System

09-10 Ranger XP - Front Shockwave System - HQ Series

Part #: 14002410

Price: $950.00

Whether you’re hauling wood or ripping through trails on your Polaris Ranger XP, our ShockWave and air control system will allow you to adapt to both extremes. Our ATV kits are separated into two basic components: our ShockWave system and our control system that includes a tank, compressor, and control panel.


The ShockWave

Since its introduction in 1999, the ShockWave has proven to be the most significant development in air suspension... ever! Shockwaves have been the cornerstone of our business model for the past decade and up until now, we only manufactured them for cars and trucks. Now we have a kit for your UTV.

ShockWaves provide a simple, high-tech way to provide the ultimate adjustable suspension design. The ShockWave mounts just like a coilover and replaces the coil-spring with an adjustable air spring for a huge range of tuning options. Its basic construction design consists of a shock surrounded by an air spring with mounts below and above the unit. This allows for an easy bolt on installation. The Shockwaves are built with quality rubber and are built to last.


• Easy bolt-on installation
• Adjustable spring rates
• Ability to level vehicle when loaded
• Provies a comfortable ride
• Aluminum impact forged construction allows leak free operation
• Available with adjustable shock valving
• Monotube design for superior oil control
• Easy & precise valve adjustment with 26 rebound clicks


Do you need adjustable shocks?

Since the shock absorber is really what controls how the suspension works, it plays a big role. Whether you’re running in a straight line or going around corners, it’s all about traction: traction going forward; traction going sideways. The requirements are different, but a shock that offers variable valving plus a wide range of travel can work effectively in both applications. A non adjustable shock, out of the box, may not have the optimal damping for your ATV. It’s like guessing a lottery number: there are too many variables, and too many preferred individual driving styles. Get an adjustable shock and tune it until it delivers the performance and/or ride quality that you want - then continue experimenting whenever trail or road conditions change.

A single adjustable("SA") shock sets the rebound force of the shock travel with 26 clicks of adjustment and is a no-brainer if your willing to pay a little more; it’s a phenomenal tuning aid. The only drawback is the work involved, but it pays off in performance.