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1955-1957 Chevy Wagon StreetGrip System

Part #: 11025010

Price: $2,500.00

  • Small Block/LS 
  • Big Block 

**This kit keeps both rear shocks in front of the axle**

**If you have an aftermarket crossmember, please call 812-481-4787 and our techs will help determine if the shock length in this kit is appropriate for your application**

1.  1955-1957 Chevy StreetGrip Dual-Rate Coil Springs - Pair

Part #: 11012350


The dual-rate spring will allow the vehicle to transition small road irregularities via a soft spring rate. When the vehicle compresses the spring far enough (through large bumps or cornering), it transitions to the firmer spring rate to control the bump or body roll. We have worked closely with Hyperco to develop custom dual rates to ensure the best ride possible.

  • Small Block/LS 
  • Big Block 

2.  1955-1957 Chevy StreetGrip Composite Leaf Springs - Set

Part #: 11014799


50lb weight savings in unsprung weight will improve handling and ride quality. These composite leafs also incorporate more torsional strength so any "spring wrap" is diminished. The billet leaf spring eyelets help achieve the desired stance.

3.  1955-1957 Chevy StreetGrip Front Adjustable MonoTube Shocks - Each

Part #: 22159847


Shocks are the brains of your suspension...the single most important influence on ride quality and handling performance. RideTech and Fox have spent years refining the characteristics of these monotube shocks to optimize the performance of YOUR car!

4.  1955-1957 Chevy Wagon StreetGrip Rear Shock Kit

Part #: 11029510

HQ Series Rear Shock Kit; includes shocks and necessary lower shock brackets. **This kit keeps both rear shocks in front of the axle**

5.  1955-1957 Chevy StreetGrip Front Swaybar

Part #: 11019120


Most OEM front swaybars were calibrated with tires and cornering loads that were radically less capable than today. We increase the diameter of the swaybar to minimize the body roll through the corners to optimize the handling performance. Includes Delrin bushing to eliminate stiction and allow the swaybar to move freely.

6.  1955-1957 Chevy StreetGrip Delrin Control Arm Bushings - Set

Part #: 11019590


OEM rubber control arm bushings allow too much deflection on the control arms. Poly bushings resist smooth rotation and impose stiction. Delrin bushings eliminate the deflection AND the stiction, leading to a huge improvement in both ride quality and handling.

7.  1955-1957 Chevy StreetGrip Delrin Leaf Spring Bushings and Shackles- Set

Part #: 11015399


Just like the Delrin control arm bushing, these units allow years of stiction-free reliability.

8.  1955-1957 Chevy StreetGrip Taller Ball Joints - Each

Part #: 90003041


Most OEM front suspension geometry, in addition to being designed over 50 years ago, induced "positive camber" when cornering (loaded tire leans away from the turn). This is a huge compromise in cornering performance and feel. By installing a taller set of balljoints, we reposition the control arms to correct this condition and create a much more stable and enjoyable driving and cornering experience.