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1965-1966 Chevy Impala - Level 2

Part #: 11290299

Price: $5,145.00

The LEVEL 2 system provides more tuning with the addition of a ShockWave® frontkit and the enhanced RidePro™ control system.The front ShockWave® system is a simple bolt-on install that includesour STRONGARM™ tubular control arms. The single shock and air spring unit provides a cleaner appearance and offers adjustable shock valving to aid in tuning. The CoolRide® rear system in this package includes upper and lower STRONGARMS® to provide more precise handling and increased performance. The 5 gallon RidePro® compressor system provides 4 way digital control. It allows 3 system air pressure presets to provide accurate adjustments with the touch of just one button.

RideTech 65-70 Impala, Bel-Air, Biscayne Suspension Design

Front Benefits:


  1. We build the arm one piece to eliminate the strut rod.
  2. Where the factory strut rod uses a rubber bushing to attach to the car we use a bearing setup. The bearing setup gets ride of the compression that is experienced with hard braking and cornering.
  3. We build additional caster into the arm so that the car drivers better, especially at higher speeds.
  4. Our Strong arms allow for a lot of suspension adjustment on this vehicle.
  5. The strong arms for this car have an adjustable steering stop.



Front System


with strong arm upgrade

The ShockWave® mounts much like a coilover and replaces both the coil spring and the shock absorber. The Shockwave kit bolts in using the existing upper shock mount. (Note: some trimming of your spring pocket may be required)

The Shockwave system will lower the vehicle from the factory ride height and provides the ability to go even lower when not being driven by lowering the air pressure further.

  1. Unequalled ride quality
  2. Proven patented sealing technology
  3. Anodized billet aluminum construction
  4. Eliminates tire clearance problems

To optimize suspension, our ShockWave system allows the replacement of the factory lower arm with our StrongArm lower control arm which is included in this system (Level 2 package also includes the upper control arm upgrade).

Handling Quality

Shock Series

Shocks are the heart of every suspension system and are the key component in provide ride control to the driver. The Level 2 system includes the upgrade to our Handling Quality Series, single adjustable aluminum shocks, both front and rear.

The HQ shock has an impact forged aluminum body / mono-tube design with adjustable valving. Adjustability Provides More Options for Desired Driving Style and Loads Easy and precise valve adjustment with 26 rebound clicks from soft to firm


(upper and lower included in this package)

StrongArm tubular control arms not only improve suspension geometry and handling, they also make installation even easier. The added benefit when replacing control arms is new bushings and ball joints. No more worn out components.

  1. Optimized ball joint angle...
    to ensure no binding during extreme suspension travel
  2. Black powdercoated...
    for lasting appearance and protection
  3. Installed Cross shafts & Ball Joints..
    for simple installation
  4. .219" wall DOM tubing...
    for lasting strength and reliability
  5. Shock mounts swaybar mounts, steering stops are built in...
    no fabrication needed
  1. Proper airspring or ShockWave® placement...
    component mounts are designed in, not an afterthought
  2. Proper ball joint selection...
    we use a compression ball joint in a compression application and a tension ball joint in a tension application (just like the factory engineered it) to prevent failures
  3. Optimized arm length...
    makes proper wheel alignment a breeze
  4. Jig welded...
    every part is built right, every time



Rear System

with strong arm and musclebar upgrade

The CoolRide® system consists of an airspring, a shock absorber, and all of the necessary mounting brackets and hardware. The rear system is very simple to install with the airspring and shock absorber replacing the coil-spring and shock in the stock locations.


  1. Lowers vehicle ride height and provides the ability to go even lower when not being driven by lowering the air pressure further. Improves both handling and ride quality
  2. Pre-engineered mounting hardware to maintain ground clearance, driveline angles, tire clearance and load capacities


Handling Quality

Shock Series

   - impact forged
   - aluminum body
   - monotube design
   - adjustable valving
   - 26 rebound clicks

Adjustability provides more options for desired driving style and loads

Compressor / Control System

We have equipped our Level 2 package with our RidePro compressor system outfitted with two high capacity compressors and a 5 gallon tank. 

The RidePro System Features:

3 ride height presets with optional "Ride height on start" feature.Optional LevelPro Sensors monitor both air pressure and ride height to eliminate crossloading.
Transflective display uses sunlight to illuminate…the brighter the sun, the brighter the display.Mini USB connectors on bottom and back of control panel offer several mounting options.
Waterproof ECU allows mounting anywhere on vehicle.Compatible with existing RidePro and other brands of solenoid valves.
Built in troubleshooting menus provide error codes to alert users of any malfunctions.Solid state internal compressor relays eliminate external compressor relays and wiring.
Waterproof threaded M12 wiring harness connectors.