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1963-1972 Chevy C10 - Air Suspension - Level 3

Part #: 113X0399

Price: $10,700.00

  • None 
  • 1963-1970 
  • 1971-1972 

If you want it all from your classic truck, this is the kit that can deliver. Smooth luxury ride, full use for hauling and load carrying, and a real hotrod on the track. This system delivers in every case. Our Level 3 system includes the best of every option we have to offer. Upgrades like StrongArms, MuscleBars, and the RidePRO control system are included. Spindles designed for the "HD" 1.25" brake rotor package.


Lowers Your Truck's Ride Height

Ride height is where your truck should be driven at - you can expect be able to lower your vehicle 2 to 3 inches further when not being driven by deflating the air springs below the ride height pressure.

  1. Lowers Front Ride Height from OEM by 4-5"
  2. Lowers Rear Ride Height from OEM by 5-6"


Improves Ride Quality

Since the air springs can be adjusted to nearly infinite spring rate, perfectly accommodating the weight of your truck, your truck will ride better than ever. Even when you are hauling a load!

The TQ triple adjustable ShockWaves included in the Level 3 package provide you with tuning options to control the compression and rebound valving so you can dial in your truck for corner carving or smooth cruising... or anywhere in between.

Improves Handling

With optimized suspension geometry provided by the StrongArms, the adjustability of the air springs, and Track Quality shocks, and the upgraded MuscleBars (swaybars) don't be surprised when your "ol-truck" can hold the road with modern sports sedans.


We build our systems with a goal of improving OEM standards, which includes the durability and safety margins. Our suspension components are built strong and durable enough for everyday use. We're talking six digit mileage - EASY. We know, because we have multiple trucks in our fleet that have logged over a quarter million miles on our systems (some pulling 40+ foot tailors).

Complete Package

Yep, it is everything you need. This Level 3 kit includes all the hardware, bolts / nuts etc... to get your truck riding on air. We've picked out our best stuff, you know it is all going to work together perfectly.


RideTech C10 Suspension Design

Front Features:

  1. Built additional caster into the arm so that the car drivers better, especially at higher speeds.
  2. Switch from greased metal bushings to rubber bushings.


Rear Features

  1. The front trailing arm crossmember is designed to allow the exhaust to be run through it rather than under it providing additional ground clearance.
  2. The panhard bar mount on the rearend has been lowered to optimize the bar angle for the lowered height. This helps keep the rearend centered in the truck.
  3. The C-notches are included with the rear StrongArm kit and FIT the frame rail.
  4. With the rear StrongArm setup the driveline angles have been optimized for the lowered height.
  5. The StrongArm kit includes new trailing arms for the guys with trailing arms that have rusted out.
  6. The panhard is adjustable so you can optimize your tire clearance at the new lowered height.