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1973-1987 Chevy C10 - Bolt-On 4-Link System

Part #: 11366799

Price: $1,800.00


The Ridetech Bolt-On 4-Link system, formally known as the Airbar, replaces OEM leafsprings entirely. We have designed several specific systems for late model full-size and mini trucks. A Ridetech 4-link system will lower your truck as much as 10” while improving handling and load capacity. Installation is completely bolt-on affair with no welding or fabrication necessary. For the customer that wants a bolt-on system with no fabrication or welding, Ridetech has the answer!

  • Bolt-on installation. No welding required!
  • Lowers vehicle up to 10”
  • Specific systems for late model full-size and mini trucks
  • Pre-engineered mounting hardware to maintain ground clearance, driveline angles, tire clearance and load capacities
  • Improves ride quality
  • Better handling

Add Shocks

1973-1987 C10 - Ridetech 4-Link Smooth Body Shocks - HQ Series

Part #: 11360801

Smooth body shocks are specifically developed to fit into a variety of stock shock locations. They provide a great way to improve ride quality without reworking an entire suspension design.

1973-1987 C10 - Ridetech 4-Link Shocks - TQ Series

Part #: 11360811

Airbar Shocks Airbar shock packages are pre-engineered to work with Ridetech Airbar systems. They are a key component to optimize the ride quality and... More