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RQ Series Bearing Shock (Sold Individually)

Part #: 24079901

Price: $200.00


Non adjustable billet aluminum shocks are the ultimate upgrade to optimize the ride quality and handling performance of your suspension. These shocks have a preset shock valving that is specifically tuned for optimal ride quality.

Features: 5/8" hard chrome piston rod, impact forged design to ensure long life, and a monotube piston chamber or better oil control and performance!

Shock Dimensions:
CompRide HeightExtStrokeMountPart #

Who Needs Adjustable Shocks?

Everyone knows you need to hook up your horsepower to go fast. Since the shock absorber is really what controls how the suspension works, it plays a big role. Whether you’re running in a straight line or going around corners, it's all about traction: traction going forward; traction going sideways. A drag-race car needs to come up softer and go down harder. A car that turns needs to minimize body roll. The requirements are different, but a shock that offers variable valving plus a wide range of travel can work effectively in both applications. A non-adjustable shock, out of the box, has the wrong damping for your car or truck, period. It’s like guessing a lottery number: There are too many variables, from horsepower to wheel and tire design to individual driving style. Because these options are infinite, your ability to guess correctly is nonexistent. So, why even try? Get an adjustable shock and tune it until it delivers the performance and/or ride quality that you want — then continue experimenting whenever track or road conditions change. If you want to take your street machine to the drag strip, you can make the front end fly up a little higher to transfer more weight and launch harder. If you want to autocross it, you can dial in the extra stiffness that makes it handle better. Dollar for dollar, its difficult to find anything that offers so much potential performance or is so easy to install and adjust.

Singles Or Triples?

Single-adjustable ("SA") shocks primarily control rebound (extension), while a triple-adjustable ("TA") shock sets rebound, high speed compression, and low speed compression truly independently. TA's are always better, but you’ll pay more for the luxury of tuning how firmly the shock both comes together and pulls apart. If money is a major concern and you’ve got a street car, single adjustable is far preferable to non-adjustable. TA is a no-brainer; it’s a phenomenal tuning aid for the price — especially considering what everything else on a race car costs! The only drawback is the work involved, but it pays off in performance. For the money invested, installing a TA front shock is one of the most-important things you can do to a drag-race car, because the front suspension has a tremendous effect on how the car hooks up. This is especially true in classes that limit tire size and/or rear-suspension modifications. This is especially true in classes that limit tire size and/or rear suspension modifications; you may be able to get two-tenths or more out of a restricted-tire car simply by going to a TA front shock.

*Individual Price