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RidePRO Digital (4 way system)

Part #: 30334000

Price: $1,500.00

Choose System Speed *upgrade not reflected by part number
Standard Valves, 1/4" Fittings and Lines (recommended for most applications)  $0.00 Default
Big Red Valve Upgrade, 3/8" Fittings and Lines  $200.00
Choose System Capacity *upgrade not reflected by part number
Standard single compressor and 3 gallon tank  $0.00 Default
Upgraded compressor system and 5 gallon tank  $200.00
Upgrade to LevelPRO *upgrade not reflected by part number
LevelPRO Upgrade  $500.00
RidePro Remote Options *upgrade not reflected by part number
Remote Upgrade  $150.00
Smart Phone App Upgrade  $250.00

Your suspension provides control of your vehicle, but what controls your suspension? We have packed our new RidePRO system with accuracy, repeatability, versatility, dependability, visibility and a wide range of other abilities to give youunparalleled levels of control - all at the push of a button.

ALL NEW CONTROL PANEL - Building on the experiences of previous systems, the new RidePRO  represents a leap forward in onboard suspension controls, starting with a completely new control panel that is sleeker andbrighter. The auto-dimming transflective display is completely visible in the sun and is only 3/8" thick. Interfacebuttons are backlit and have a distinct "click" to let the driver feel when he has made a change. Two mini USBconnections are offered to allow a variety of panel mounting and connection options.


 ECU is faster, more robust, and offers more optionsto refi ne your air suspension. In addition to the 3 ride height presets and the "ride height on start" feature, the calibrationprocess, weight compensation, and crossload compensation are now all automatic. If a problem should arise, error detection andtroubleshooting menus have been added into the unit to make finding and fixing problems much easier.

The new ECU uses M12 twist connections and is now waterproof to allow mounting in any location on the vehicle. Solid state compressorrelays are built in to eliminate external relays and wiring. The LevelPro leveling system is compatible with any air suspension and is a great upgrade to your current system.


  • 3 ride height presets with optional "Ride height on start" feature.
  • Optional LevelPro Sensors monitor both air pressure and ride height to eliminate crossloading.
  • Transflective display uses sunlight to illuminate... the brighter the sun, the brighter the display.
  • Mini USB connectors on bottom and back of control panel offer several mounting options.
  • Waterproof ECU allows mounting anywhere on vehicle.
  • Compatible with existing RidePro and other brands of solenoid valves.
  • Built in troubleshooting menus provide error codes to alert users of any malfunctions.
  • Solid state internal compressor relays eliminate external compressor relays and wiring.
  • Waterproof threaded M12 wiring harness connectors.