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RidePRO Standard Analog (4 way system)

Part #: 30154000

Price: $1,100.00

Choose System Capacity *upgrade not reflected by part number
Standard single compressor and 3 gallon tank  $0.00 Default
Upgraded compressor system and 5 gallon tank  $200.00
Choose System Speed *upgrade not reflected by part number
Standard Valves, 1/4" Fittings and Lines (recommended for most applications)  $0.00 Default
Big Red Valve Upgrade, 3/8" Fittings and Lines  $200.00

The original RidePro systems utilize our quality solenoid air valve system and dependable electric components to provide simple, & reliable control.

» Uses highest quality valves for long service
» Controls provide simple and accurate inflate / deflate control for each airspring


Benefits of an Air Suspension

Ride quality With an air suspension you have a huge range of tuning ability for load capacity and spring rate at your fingertips… no tools or component changes needed. You can literally compress weeks of conventional spring and shock tuning into a few minutes with an air suspension that is adjustable from the ATV.

Handling performance Most airsprings are very progressive… the farther you compress them the stiffer they get. When you combine this inherent progressive spring rate with adjustability the performance potential is enormous. As with tuning ride quality as explained above, you can greatly condense the time needed to optimize performance.

Performance customization Everyone has their own personal idea of how their ATV should ride and handle. With an air suspension these wishes can be accommodated with little or no changes in components. By adjusting air pressure and shock valving you can make the same ATV be soft and comfortable or firm and tight... or anywhere in between. This is what we mean by "no compromise". No matter what the terrain, you’ll be ready.

On Board Compressor With a compressor at your disposal on the trails, you'll never have to worry about forgetting to inflate your tires again. There are many applications of having a compressor and tank onboard that we havent even thought up yet.