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HD 4-Link

Part #: 11006799

Price: $1,500.00

Heavy duty truck are the perfect application for an air suspension. The weight load of these truck can vary by several thousand pounds from trailers, people, or other cargo. With a traditional leafspring suspension, you are forced to endure a harsh ride quality when unloaded in order to accommodate any anticipated cargo when loaded. With air suspension, however, you can adjust the spring rate via air pressure to be appropriate for any cargo load, light or heavy!

The new HD 4 Link rear suspension will fit a wide variety of heavy trucks. The HD 4 link offers a huge improvement in not only ride quality, but also load capacity and handling performance as well. By virtue of its highly adaptable design and weld-on installation, it will fit a wide range of 1/2 ton to 1-ton trucks.

The HD 4 Link features 1.5" diameter .188" wall DOM tube 4 Link bars, large durable poly bushings, 2" diameter .250" wall tubing bridge, .250" thick plate steel brackets, and Firestone airsprings with a total load capacity of around 7,000lbs.

Popular options for the HD 4 Link include the new RideTech impact forged Monotube shocks, your choice of universal or model specific panhard bar kits, and a variety of compressor and control systems to fit any budget or performance level.

Vehicle specific panhard bars at the bottom of this page

Add Panhard Bar

Panhard Bar 9" Ford

Part #: 19999001


2001-2006 Chevy Silverado HD - Panhard Bar

Part #: 11459099


1973-1991 GM C30 - Panhard Bar

Part #: 11439099


1988-2000 Chevy C3500 - Panhard Bar

Part #: 11449099


1999-2004 Ford F350 - Panhard Bar

Part #: 12229099


1994-2002 Dodge 3500 - Panhard Bar

Part #: 13009099