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When the American Motors Corporation (AMC) released the AMX back in 1969 the motoring world didn’t know what to make of it. It had two seats like a sports car, a solid live axle and a raucous V8 like a muscle car, and styling that could’ve gone either way. Owner Jimi Day has been a long time fan of the AMX so when he got the opportunity to construct his own he pulled out all the stops, went buck-ass wild, and built what is arguably one of the best AMX’s on the planet Earth.

Jimi Day’s 69′ AMX uses Ridetech Handling Quality Coilovers and the Tigercage.

3 Responses to “1969 AMC AMX: AMXess – BIG MUSCLE”

  1. Brek Says:

    I had the pleasure of checking this car out closely at the carcraft summer nationals in St. Paul Mn this summer. It was the only 1 out of about 10 pro-builder cars that did anything other than sit there & look good. Phenominal job building this car!! He owned the autocross by 1.5 seconds until late saturday afternoon.

  2. Bryan Says:

    Jimi Day is a great guy too ! Spent some time with him and this car at Car Craft this summer.

  3. Jon Says:

    The car is Awesome even if it is Chevrolet powered, but I cant help thinking of it with a AMC 390 and factory cross ram.