2021 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Event Coverage

The date for the 2021 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Auction was changed this year, but the excitement is still here. A great car count and enthusiastic bidders are all it takes to make a great event… oh, and the best parts suppliers in the aftermarket showing off their parts doesn’t hurt either.

We have our full set-up on display and always enjoy talking to the folks at this special event. The crowd is a little different than some of our other venues due to the heavier interest in “collecting” cars and “investment / return”. So we tend to see more interest for our bolt-on stock replacement shock and spring systems – like our StreetGRIP line. There are still pleanty of customers who are looking for the ultimate in ride and handling transformation and are ready to upgrade to tubular arms and coil-over or air suspsion systems too – more in more each year as the auction market has proven these modification DO increase the value of the car as well.

Regardless what the goals for the car or truck are, we are on hand to make sure Barrett Jackson attendees can find the best ride and handling for their collector car.

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