Late Model Muscle Cars

RideTech greatly improves the ride quality and handling performance of your late model muscle car. Choose coil-over suspension, air suspension or monotube shock absorber upgrades. RideTech’s engineering team starts from the ground up with impact forged aluminum shock abosrber bodies that are vastly superior, with respect to quality, than anything offered from the factory. As such, RideTech offers an unbeatable 1,000,001 mile warranty. Like high end exotics and and race cars, RideTech shocks are monotube. The design provides precision rebound and compression control as well as enhanced reliability. 

Coil-overs are popular upgrades for Mustangs Camaros and LX muscle. A coilover is simply a shock surrounded by a coil spring; it places the shock and coil in one linear unit. A coilover is a simple solution for most suspension designs, but can often be difficult to understand what you need. Fortunately, RideTech has your back with 21 years of suspension development.

Choosing a coil-over begins with two important decisions. The first is choosing the function of your vehicle. If you are building a performance car, then you will want a coil-over that has an adjustable shock. This allows the driver to tweak the “stiffness” of the suspension with a twist of a knob located on the shock. This adjustment knob controls the shock valving which controls the damping of the coil-over. This is a huge benefit for drivers who want to fine tune their performance for the track, autocross, or the road. 

The second most important decision in choosing a coil-over is finding your desired spring-rate for the coil spring. Spring rate is the force required to compress a spring 1″ and is an important factor in how comfortable your car rides and your ride height. RideTech has worked out ideal spring rates for your vehicle and intended driving style.



For track day and autocross enthusiasts, RideTech's TQ Series triple adjustable monotube coil-overs provide a wide range of compression and rebound tuning. Fifth Gen Camaro TQ Series set shown.


Ride quality is one of the biggest challenges facing modern muscle car enthusiasts. With RideTech suspension, you can upgrade handling and lower ride height while IMPROVING ride quality. 


Give your LX-platform Mopar that "just right" lowered stance without sacrificing ride quality. Our HQ-Series coil-overs feature easy access rebound adjustment knobs to help you fine tune valving to suit your driving style.