1955-1957 Chevy Wagon StreetGRIP Suspension System

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Upgrade the suspension on your Tri-Five 1955-1957 wagon with the StreetGRIP Suspension System. The kit will dramatically will improve your car's ride quality, handling and stance. This kit is specifically calibrated for wagons. It utilizes the same great components as the tri-five passenger car version, with the exception of different rear shock absorber configuration to accommodate the OE fuel tank location. In stock form, your wagon more than likely feels old, harsh and sloppy with lots of body roll. StreetGRIP will give your wagon a whole new lease on life with controlled body movement, far less body roll and a much smoother ride.  Tires will stay planted resulting in much more chassis control. 

  • COMPOSITE LEAF SPRINGS eliminate spring sag and optimize ride quality & handling while reducing unsprung weight by as much as 70 lbs
  • NEW SHACKLES AND HANGERS WITH DELRIN BUSHINGS eliminate unwanted movement and stiction, improve handling, and are self-lubricating
  • LOWERED COILSPRINGS have a spring rate optimized to enhande ride quality while not sacrificing performance
  • DELRIN BUSHINGS for the leaf springs and control arms eliminate unwanted movement and stiction, improve handling, and are self-lubricating
  • 1-1/4" SWAYBAR reduces roll over stock bar and poly bushings with delrin liner eliminate stiction. No slop, no squeaks.
  • HQ SERIES ADJUSTABLE MONOTUBE SHOCKS Improve ride quality and carry an exclusive million and one mile warranty.  

**This kit keeps both rear shocks in front of the axle**

**If you have an aftermarket crossmember, please call 812-481-4787 and our techs will help determine if the shock length in this kit is appropriate for your application**

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All RideTech shocks have a 1,000,001 mile warranty! MORE INFO