BANKS BUILT- follow the team as they overhaul a 1966 Chevy C20 pickup.

Banks purchased a running 1966 Chevy C20 3/4 ton pickup for $1. Yes, one dollar!

BANKS BUILT follows the team as they overhaul a very rusty ’66 Chevy C20. A land-speed world record holder and legend in the performance aftermarket, Gale Banks is regarded as the Godfather of diesel performance. He’s most known recently as the exclusive engine supplier for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Program. Thousands of JLTVs are powered by Banks’ Duramax 6.6 liter engines. So, what engine do you suppose will find its way into this old Chevy? You may be surprised.

What should we do to this 1966 Chevy?

Banks purchased a running 1966 Chevy C20 3/4 ton pickup for $1. Yes, one dollar! In this episode, they explore the truck before deciding what to do with it.


Watch as the guys install the necessary sensors and make a mess along the way.

Our ’66 Chevy hits the dyno!

The Mr. Goodwrench 350 crate engine is rated at 190-250 horsepower.
How much do you think it’ll actually make on the dyno?

The ”66 Chevy is getting some major upgrades

Conceptual automotive artist, Jeffrey Transou, reveals his renderings based on secret conversations with Gale Banks. The ”66 Chevy is getting some major upgrades.

The guys take a private tour of Roadster Shop in Illinois and finalize the frame design for LokJaw.

exclusive tour of the iconic Roadster Shop to discuss the customization of their popular SPEC Series Slammed Chassis for our 8-lug ’66 Chevy C20.


Engineering a Custom 8-lug Axle!

Keeping the ’66 Chevy C20 3/4-ton pickup an 8-lug has been tougher than thought. So, we reached out to @Strange Engineering​ to see if they’d engineering a custom full-floating rear axle for us.


Engineering Custom 8-Lug Spindles

Most restored C10 and C20 pickups are 5 or 6-lug. Not LokJaw. This 3/4-ton Chevy will keep its 8-lug status. Thanks to Strange Engineering​.

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