Chevelle Giveaway

Today is the day we all have been looking forward to with mixed emotions.Today is the day Chevelle changes owners. On one hand, we can’t wait to make lucky person so happy, on the other hand, this is not an easy car to let go of. The Chevelle has been a faithful ride for many of the Air Ride Crew as well as media folks and even as recently as this weekend, some famous racing talent (Scott Pruett used the Chevelle to lay down some of the fasted times of the day on the Vendor Challenge Autocross on Friday).

Scott Pruett in Chevelle:


In the 12 months since it’s debut, the car has racked up right around 9,000 miles – not easy miles either. This car has seen many passes through autocross courses and held its own with the best – even winning the 2007 Run Through the Hills.

Video of the winner:

Congratulations to Dean & Risa Erb of Phoenix, Winners of the 2008 Good-Guys / Air ride Technologies Chevelle:


One thing that eases the pain is the new 2009 Good-Guys giveaway “SuperNova”. With less than a dozen miles on this car, we are already in love. That means there will be more heartbreak coming for us here at Air Ride next July. In the meantime, we’re gonna run it like someone else already owns it!


Video of the last run for the Chevelle: