Coil-Overs are Here!

Orders are now being accepted on the new Ridetech coil-over product line. The Coil-Overs have been developed, tested, and are now being produced. The product is comprised of a monotube shock equipped with HypercoCo coils. The Ridetech Coil-Over has many key features that distinguish it from it’s competitors:

  • 1. Easy access adjuster knob allows a wide range of 26 clicks of rebound adjustment
  • 2. Large rubber external bumpstop to prevent harsh bottoming out
  • 3. Billet endcap with integrated debris wiper to prevent seal damage
  • 4. Monotube design allows large piston for superior oil control – increases ride quality and handling performance
  • 5. Teflon piston wiper and progressive valving allow consistent piston/bore contact and repeatable performance
  • 6. One piece IMPACT FORGED body allows efficient manufacture and reliable leak-free operation
  • 7. Long lasting Kevlar lined bearings allow wide articulation and low noise
  • 8. Upper coilspring mount snap ring design allows for easy spring change without shock disassembly
  • 9. 5/8” hardened shaft is precision ground and straightened to a tolerance of .001”/ inch for increased durability and performance
  • 10. Oversized rod guide improves piston rod stability
  • 11. Intergral internal bumpstop eliminates extension crashing
  • 12. Specially contoured composite gas separator cup optimizes dead length and ensures proper nitrogen/oil separation
  • 13. Hard coat external anodizing ensures years of lasting beauty and performance
  • 14. Monotube bore is cathode anodized for years of wear resistance
  • 15. Forged aluminum coilspring adjuster allows easy height adjustment and simple locking mechanism
  • 16. Monotube design not only optimizes performance, but uses fewer components than a twin tube design, therefore allowing more economical manufacture. This is superior fluid control in its most simple and efficient form!

Available Shock Applications

Stroke Compressed Length Extended Length Non-Adjustable Price (ea) Single Adjustable Price (ea)
2.9 8.725 11.625 $200 $250
3.6 9.425 13.025 $200 $250
4.1 10.125 14.225 $200 $250
5.2 11.225 16.425 $200 $250
6.3 12.325 18.625 $200 $250
6.9 13.125 20.025 $200 $250
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Orders can be placed online or by calling 812-481-4787. Your order will be shipped August 27th.