Corvette Track 1 Modular Spindles | Fits C5 and C6 1997-2013

1997-2013 Corvettes are probably the best “bang for the buck”performance car in the marketplace. If you’re serious about high performance driving events like track days and autocross, Track 1 Modular Corvette Spindles should be high on your car’s upgrade list. 

Great Bones

These cars feature excellent chassis design and suspension geometry from the factory. Coilover conversion provides enhanced control over spring rate tuning and ride height adjustment. Track 1 Spindles provide one additional inch of  vehicle lowering without impacting suspension geometry. In plain English, these spindles lower your ‘vette while keeping your suspension in its sweet spot. If your Corvette spends much of its life on a smooth race track, you will really appreciate that extra inch of ride height reduction.

In addition to the lowering feature, RideTech Track 1 Modular Spindles feature heavy duty, Howe Low Friction Ball Joints. Used in conjunction with RideTech delrin control arm bushings, Howe ball joints eliminate stiction from your Corvette’s suspension movement. Track 1 spindles will accept your existing hubs. Complete instructions explain how to swap them over to your new spindles.

Trick Track Tuning

RideTech engineers applied some trick design elements to aid with track setup.  First,  the upright has a “Caster Pad” — a flat surface that is machined 100% parallel to ball joint centerline.  This helps you quickly and easily measure caster using a digital angle finder. Another interesting feature, RideTech Track 1 Spindles have additional camber built in by design. For those interested in running stock camber settings, RideTech designed camber shims that fit between the upper ball joint section and the upright. Order part number 11519350 or click HERE to learn more about Camber Shims.

Custom Spindles – Advanced Modular Features

While many enthusiasts will run Track 1 Spindles in their standard configuration, advanced racers and speciality car builders will appreciate the modular design that allows you to custom tailer upper and lower ball joint and steering arm orientation for altered geometry such as KPI, Camber, Caster, Ackerman, etc.  Specialty car builders that adapt Corvette suspension to their custom chassis designs will really appreciate the added control. Modular sections are fastened to the main upright by way of extreme duty ARP 180,000psi through-bolts.

Track Package

RideTech Track 1 Modular Spindles are sold in pairs or as part of a complete Track Package that includes HQ Series single adjustable coilovers, MUSCLEbar sway bars, delrin control arm bushings and of course Track 1 Spindles. The included rear sway bar is adjustable for rate. TQ Series triple adjustable coilovers are optional. Order part number 11510201 or click HERE for more details. To watch the Track Package installation video, click HERE

Corvette Spindle
Track 1 Modular Spindles lower your C5 or C6 Corvette on inch from stock. They feature heavy duty Howe ball joints and ARP 180,000psi hardware. The modular design is ideal for racers and speciality car builders seeking custom geometry.
Corvette Camber Shims
Out of the box, Track 1 Spindles provide more aggressive camber for high performance driving. If you prefer stock camber, you can install these shims between the upper ball joint section and the main upright.
Corvete Track Suspension System
Track 1 Spindles are also available as part of a complete track-tuned, bolt-on suspension system that includes everything you see here — Sway bars, HQ Series Coilovers, delrin, bushings and hardware.

For Track 1 Modular Spindle ordering and additional photos, click HERE

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