Currie Crate Rear Ends Deliver Bolt-On Precision

Every day, it gets easier to build a world-class hot rod. The crate engine concept has extended into many other segments of the car-building hobby. You can even buy turn-key custom interiors from companies like TMI and “crate” rear end assemblies from Currie Enterprises. It’s nice to know that you can spend your hard-earned dollars and get custom matched parts out of the box.

Back in the day, upgrading your hot rod with a high performance rear end could mean scouring the junkyard for an assembly, modifying the housing to a desired length and then welding on proper suspension mounting brackets.  Without proper fixtures, warpage was always a possibility — even with brand new housings and axle tubes. After all of that, you still have to spec axles, a differential and gears. You might end up with a rear end assembly that leaks or makes howling noises — or that is just plain wrong for your intended usage. There is an easier way.

Currie Enterprises builds stout rear end assemblies for everything from severe duty rock crawlers to high horsepower street machines. The Crate Rear End process starts with fixture-welded housing, axle tubes, housing ends plus the correct rear suspension brackets for your application. That means you can buy a ready-to-install rear end assembly that is complete with RideTech 4-Link brackets.  You get a choice of housings, housing ends with matching bearings, center section, diff type and gear ratio.

If the list of options seems daunting, your RideTech Rep can help you spec a rear end that is just right for your application.  For example, if you’re building a 1st-gen or second-gen Camaro “weekend cruiser” with a 700R-4 auto, our Bolt-On 4-Link and a 275 rear tire, we might suggest a a standard width Crate rear with a Centurion housing, Torino-style bearings and a 3.73 Tru-Trac. For a hardcore pro-touring car with 335 rear tires and mini-tubs, we might suggest a lighter Turn 9 housing, narrowed width and floater-type ends. As RideTech works directly with Baer and Wilwood, your RideTech Rep can also match your axle assembly to your brake system so that all parts fit and work together. It’s important to make sure that brakes and housing ends/bearing-types match properly.

We run Currie Crate rear ends on first and second-gen 48 Hour Camaros as well as our Track 1 Camaro. Actually, we torture test Currie Enterprises parts with thousands of road tour miles and thousands of competition and test laps.  We’ve experimented with a variety of differential types, gear ratios, bearing types and brake fitments. We know what specs work well. We can help you achieve excellent results.

All Currie Crate Rear Ends are custom-built and delivered ready to install.  RideTech’s 4-Link brackets feature adjustable lower link positions and adjustable coilover mounts.  Some additional options exist like powder coating as well as a convenient drain plug. Visit our Rear End page HERE and give us a call.

Currie 9" rear end assembly
Here a great example of a Currie Crate Rear End with a Centurion 9″ housing, 3″ axle tubes, billet steel “Torino-style” housing ends 31 spline axles and RideTech 4-Link brackets. Everything is fixture-welded. The assembly shown here features optional black powder-coating.
Currie 9" Housing Centurion and Turn 9
The Centurion 9″ housing (Left) features stamped steel sections. It’s suitable for most applications. The fabricated steel  Turn 9 Housing (middle) reduces unsprung weight without sacrificing strength. At right is Currie’s heavy duty internal bracing and carrier flange found in the Turn 9 housing.
Currie housing ends
We offer two styles of housing ends with Currie Crate Rear Ends. Both designs are made of billet steel. A traditional Torino-style housing end is shown at left while a floater style housing end is shown in the middle with a floater bearing hub assembly at right. If you will be frequently and heavily side loading your car’s rear tires, floaters are the way to go.
Currie Rear End 1967 Camaro
We torture test Currie rear ends on a weekly basis — including thousands of standing start launches as well as powering away from hairpin-tight turns.
Currie Turn 9 Rear End
If you are wondering about what brakes can be used with specific Currie Crate Rear Ends, give us a call. We can provide matching Baer or Wilwood brakes to suit your car or truck’s front spindles as well as your rear axle.

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