Customer review of C1500 Ridetech StreetGrip install with photos of the lowered results!

Ridetech customer Ty Smith wasted no time getting his new StreetGrip suspension kit installed on his Chevy C1500.

His comments are what we’re used to around here… and we appreciated him sending us completed photos of the install.

Ty says, “First I was impressed with the packaging. All the parts were individually wrapped to protect the powder coating.
The install was very straight forward. The template for the notch was easy to place and mark for the cuts. The instructions were clear and listed all the torque specs for the notch and other components. I have also installed a 2” drop shackle as there was still some “rake” to the stance. Now the truck sits level at 4″/8″ drop.”

We think the results of the install speak for themselves… the look is just what these trucks need. “Low, Smooth and Cool”. The harder thing to talk about on a website is how the system makes the truck FEEL… and to us, when we engineer a system, the ride is every bit as important as the appearance. So when Ty told us how happy he was with the ride – we wanted to share that with you in this quick article:

“The quality of the ride is great. Everything aligned as it should. The adjustable shocks are great and really change the quality of the ride… I’m very happy with my purchase. The quality of the shocks and size of the c-notch brace is what set this kit apart from the others I considered. The front components went in with no issues. Standard spring, spindle, and shock swap. I got what I paid for, quality engineered parts and a great ride.”

Thanks Ty for sending in your photos and letting us know how the install went! Keep on truck’n!


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