How to Evaluate Your Suspension

Ridetech discusses why you should care what your car weighs. Ride quality is an experience that may or may not come intuitively; fortunately, with over 17 years of experience, Ridetech has your back. Ridetech’s suspension analysis booth is the perfect way to get on-hand tech help and guidance at a car show near you.

8 thoughts on “How to Evaluate Your Suspension

  1. Jose Becerra says:

    Like your video on evaluating your suspension. Very informative and educational. Thank you!

    Jose Becerra
    1998 Saleen Mustang

  2. Ken says:

    My father left me is 1981 chevy step side. My son’s and I have been working on it and have replaced the straight six with an LS engine and 740 automatic. We would like to tackle the ride next. My mechanic has pretty much told us to stay away from air bags which is fine. Any suggestions you can give us to obtain a nice smooth ride down the highway would be appreciated.

  3. Dennis Wilson says:

    I guess my comment is Your film is good info. Question I have is this. Can you put air ride (for lowering to the ground) on a 2008 Toyota Sienna Van? I do flames etc on all my cars and my van is no exception but I want to make it different than others, is this possible?

  4. Ron Wade says:

    Lots of people say I won’t like the ride,but I need something to slow down my up and down movement but keep my ride height.I had you guy’s weigh my car in Louisvile in 2011. Do you have this info. My ride is a 62 nova,383,700r4, 9 inch ford narrowed.I have had other people tell me I need a 600 lb. spring up front.I would like your info and what you think I would need. Thanks for your time and help. Ron Wade

  5. Ridetech
    Ridetech says:

    Hey Ron, found some of your information. From what I can tell from it you’ll want something around 500 lbs/in if you use our coilover. (that’s assuming you have coilovers on there now) If your wanting something to control your suspension travel, you might want to look into our new q-series shocks:
    Though overall, your best bet is probably to give us a call: 812.481.4787

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