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Programming Ride Pro e

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  • Programming Ride Pro e

    I got the ride pro e system but it didn' t come with any instructions. No info found on the site either so i had to call. Hope this helps someone else out. This is what i was told.
    1)To program the ride height have the car ignition in the on position so the guages are lit.
    2)Set the suspension to the desired ride hight.
    3)Once right height is achieved press the button on the computer next to the led 6x. The led light should be flashing once you done.
    4)Now hold down the same button for 4 seconds. After 4 seconds the digital guages should flash to show that the ride height memory has been saved.
    5)Flip dip switch #1 to the ON position. It should now be programed.

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    RE: Programming Ride Pro e

    Flip both swithes on. Give me a fax # and I will send you some instructions.